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This last fifty years has seen enormous change for women in this country. When I speak to women in their eighties they tell me of the life they led at a much slower pace when the horse and cart was the main form of transport for many, as children. They talk of marriage that in the main was for life and of large families and the role of the woman in the kitchen, who was the nurturer and carer for her family, totally reliant financially on the man.

Since that time we have seen women fight for the right to work and have a career for themselves along side their partner. We have seen women fight for justice through the courts so that they could support their children without the need that many had back in the 40’s and 50’s, to find a man to support them and their children.

Women of today can now be seen as equal in all areas of life and at last we are seeing opportunities open to women in business and government.

Family life is very different for the young woman of today. Now we see co-operation between parents with shared parenting, work loads and finances. I find it so encouraging to see the young men of today enjoying the pleasures and the trials of parenting and the women able to balance career and parenting bringing in balance within themselves.

Spiritually speaking we see that the woman of today is the leader, leading the way to healing and self-development. There are still far more women embracing holistic healing than there are men. But even this is changing, we are beginning to see men of all generations wanting to know and understand how to deal with their emotions and how to be a man, yet balance their own feminine energy with the masculine, how to cry without appearing weak. These are the areas that women can be supportive, bringing forward the balance that is inevitable for us all.

The women of today have far more clarity in the direction that they wish to take, they have a voice, an opinion and they are no longer suppressed and forced to keep their opinions to themselves.

Now is the time for women of today to step forward and to use the power of LOVE to lead the way and to help the men to open their hearts. We don’t want to leave them behind. The next step is for men and women to embrace differences and to balance the yin and yang within us.

The battle of the sexes must be a thing of the past. Leading up to 2012 we have the opportunity to work together as lovers and partners bringing harmony and support to one another in the difficult role as parents. Supporting one another in career choices, sharing the load rather than dividing responsibilities into ‘his’ and ‘hers’. Gone are the days when it was the man’s job to earn the money and the woman’s job to the parent the children.

This also carries over into other areas of our lives such as our jobs, no longer divided by sex but judged by the best person for the job regardless of sex.

Within our communities we must come together and work for common goals having the same visions for the future rather than being divided. Starting with our common goals the details can always be worked out.

We need to look for our likenesses rather than our differences!

Women of today need to keep their hearts open and lead by example, helping the deep healing of the wounds from the dark past to take place. We as mothers and women, find it much easier to open our hearts, now we need to be patient and encouraging of the men and let us see them catch up.

The future is about ‘ONENESS’ really embracing that we are all one, having a human experience and that we are each simply mirrors for one another. When we truly embrace this concept there will be no need to resist what we see in others for we will know that it is simply are reflection of oneself and must be loved. We will then no longer waste time denying what we see but spend our time coming together in our Soul groups to create the world as we would like it to be.

Despite all that we see around us ALL IS DIVINE and we as GODS are creating as we go.

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