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By Lorraine Webb

As we awaken to our Spiritual selves there becomes one undeniable fact. That is that we are the creators of all our experiences, not some but all. So many times in my workshops and courses, I find people that want to take responsibility in some areas yet resist accepting that they have created all of their experiences. To hang on to the belief that accidents happen and that there are still things that happen to you that you have not attracted to yourself on some level, is to disempower yourself.

We create through the power of our thoughts. It is very important to understand how powerful our thoughts are and that our thoughts create our future. What we are thinking today is creating the energy that we will experience tomorrow, be it negative or positive.

For instance if you are in a rut and feel that everyday brings the same and that when you wake up you feel a dread about going to work, or facing some problem or other, you need to stop and just recognise that you now have a choice as to what you will feel from this point on. To view the world from a negative point of view is simply a habit that you have been in. Habits become our automatic reactions to our experiences. If we don’t stop at some point and ask ourselves if this negative point of view is serving us, we will never change, so that everyday becomes the same and every experience is seen as a negative experience.

So, to begin to create a positive future for ourselves we need to do things today differently. Which then means you must become aware of your thoughts, your reactions and your habits. You must become a conscious being! Coming back to waking in the morning feeling negative about the day to come and all that you must face and deal with. Before you have a reaction, there is a split second of time that you have to choose how you will feel! The old negative pattern is the easiest choice to make so we continue along that path. Now, we make a conscious decision to view the day positively and nurture ourselves through it via our inner conversations, (these are the conversations that all of us have with ourselves in our head, often they are very critical and unsupportive of us, very much the negative ego). For instance, it may be raining and I have a busy day ahead and I am feeling tired and have no desire to get up and go. My inner conversations may go something like “It’s a horrible day, I’m too tired to get up, and I don’t want to cope with the day” this makes me feel grumpy. Now, I replace the inner conversation with “Great it is raining, the air will feel fresh and the Earth will love the rain. What wonderful experiences will I have today? Who will I meEt and what lessons will I learn?” Now I can’t wait to get started.

Now there is a period of ‘fake till you make it’ to replace an old negative pattern with the new positive pattern takes a period of time and some effort on your part, but in a short time you will notice that you have become a positive person and guess what?

Wonderful, exciting things start to happen to you. Why? Because you always attract to you what you put out to the Universe, if you become positive you attract positive things to happen to you, if you stay negative you attract negative people around you and negative things continue to be a part of your experiences.

I have taught this to many many people that have changed their energy patterns for the better and therefore have changed their life experiences.

Clarity and recognition of your own power are the bottom line. Your thoughts form your world all of the time. We are bombarded with mind controlling influences all the time such as television and radio; we must make it a priority to stay centred and clear and to stay in the moment always. Stop living in the past or the future and begin to live totally in the now!

Watch your patterns, if you find yourself denying that you created a portion of your experience, and you don’t want to own it as your creation, simply look at it and say “Isn’t it interesting I do this all the time. I don’t wish to own what I create. If I don’t like it I blame someone else. I wonder how long I will continue this behaviour”.

Begin to say to yourself, “I will accept responsibility for all that I am involved in. I will accept responsibility for everything that happens to me from this moment on. If I don’t like it I will endeavour to change it. I will ask myself why I have created this situation in my life at this time. Maybe it is to get my attention about something from my past that is still unresolved”.

In every situation that you are confronted with I suggest you ask yourself and the Universe two questions” 1. “Why have I created this?” 2. “What is the lesson in this for me?”

I promise your world will begin to change if you follow this advice. One day you will awaken and recognise that you are a positive person and that wonderful things happen in your life and that all the people around you are positive as well. As you become a positive person the old negative people that were attracted to you have moved on as they can no longer stand being in your energy and others have replaced them that vibrate perfectly to your new energy.

If there are big issues based on past experiences that are helping to keep you locked into the negative patterning then of course it will help tremendously to see one of our Healers to deal with these issues and to release them to allow for the natural flow of energy to occur. If you would like more information feel free to call me at the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre on (08) 8342 4109 or email me on

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