The Key

What Is ‘The Key’?

The Key has two separate processes. The Emotional Process and The Physical Process. It is recommended that the client experience the emotional process and then follow up with a physical process in another session.

How Does It Work?

The Emotional Key is a process whereby, through consultation, an issue is established. Jan gently guides clients through the various layers of emotions connected to the issue. The aim is to come to a greater understanding and appreciation and a new perspective of the issue, along with the releasing of the issue and the attached emotions. During the process the client is also taken beyond the physical realm to a deep connection with “Source”.

The Physical Key gently takes the client to a place within the body where physical dis-ease may be manifesting. The client is then connected to an emotional issue that has triggered this dis-ease, thereby releasing it. A simple but highly effective process.

So often we do not take the time to research our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. This process guides you through the layers to places within that you may have never known existed. The Key gives the client the ability to see beyond the issue and move through it, dissolving it forever.

This process is purely holistic, dealing with negative emotions, fears and phobias. The aim is for the client to feel empowered and make positive life changes.

Cost: The Emotional Key session takes approximately 2 1/2hours. The investment for this service is $195.
The Physical Key session is approx 1 1/2 and the cost is $120

Sessions: To make an appointment with Jan, contact the Centre to make a booking.

About us

We are the leaders in the area of healing and transforming energetic patterns and behavioral programming, working one on one with our clients. Creating a strategic healing plan that can include various healing modalities including, energetic healing, past life, body massage, negative releasement, and short courses. Our ‘inner child’ work is unique to our centre.

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