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Colours of the Aura

We have been fascinated by the concept of our Aura for centuries. We know that our Aura can have different colours and different intensities but what does it all really mean?

At the centre we are now able to offer a new “Resonant Field Imaging” consultation that enables you to see, first hand, what auric colours you are radiating and what this means for you at the physical health and psychological / emotional levels.

Resonant Field Imaging (RFI)

RFI is an electromagnetic imaging process. This new technology gives detailed scientific information and objective interpretations for all Auric and BioEnergy fields, including specific regions of the brain.

The RFI system accurately identifies and interprets 15 colours of BioEnergy, representing all 15 distinguishable colours of the optical spectrum.

From this information, the RFI system generates complete psychological / emotional profiles that help reveal the role of a person’s psychology in their physical wellbeing.

Whilst this system is not intended for medical diagnosis of specific illnesses, RFI does give comprehensive information about a person’s health conditions.

This information can then be used to provide guidance on a path of restoration and healing.

Your Consultation

Your BioEnergies will be measured using the latest digital frequency counter.
This information is then entered into specialised computer program that then prints out a full colour image of your energy fields and also a full report covering these areas:

Psychological Level

  • Left body bioenergies – environmental influences
  • Right body bioenergies – behavioral patterns
  • Cerebral bioenergies – predominant thoughts
  • Chakra bioenergies – personal characteristics

Health Level

  • Physiological analysis – complete body
  • Endocrine systems analysis – complete system

The consultant will take you through each area of analysis giving you an understanding of your energy fields and the areas that may need some attention.

: By appointment. Contact the Centre to make a booking.

Cost: $90.00 (Duration 1 hour)

About us

We are the leaders in the area of healing and transforming energetic patterns and behavioral programming, working one on one with our clients. Creating a strategic healing plan that can include various healing modalities including, energetic healing, past life, body massage, negative releasement, and short courses. Our ‘inner child’ work is unique to our centre.

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