My brothers and sisters from the ‘Light’ often connect to me through song, with subtle messages. Of late the verse that they have been bringing through to me is “The times they are achangin” followed by the song “Hallelujah! When they wish to celebrate a shift I may have had or a successful workshop that has bought a group of souls to the light I will hear them singing “Hallelujah” in my mind, just to let me know they are with me.

The times are definitely changing, and only those that are truly unconscious at this point cannot feel or observe great changes happening. 2010 has flown by as will this coming year 2011, yet it will continue to bring change as never before.

We have seen many leave the planet in 2010, those that unexpectedly find their family member or friend suddenly with a terminal illness and departing very quickly, as happened in my own family recently. So many calls I took throughout the year with people wanting to know as an example, why a young mother of three little children should suddenly die from cancer of the brain, leaving a traumatized family behind. When viewing such situations without all the information can lead one to believe in the chaos of the Universe rather than a Divine Plan. Yet it is all-divine! Even when we don’t understand what is happening or why things are happening as they are, this is the time when we must trust and believe in a Divine Plan more than ever. How easy it is to believe in a Divine Plan for ones life when all is good and abundance is flowing. The challenge however is to retain ones belief when chaos reigns.

We are all in this together, we are all moving together toward enlightenment and only through mastering the challenges that are thrown our way can we ascend and come to a place of peace and connectedness to each other and our Higher Self. I often to speak to my clients about focusing on what is happening in their own ‘sand box’ rather than focusing outside of themselves. I use the ‘sand box’ to identify who you are really responsible for or too other than yourself, so you are able to focus on your own responsibilities instead of worrying about people and things are that are not your concern.

Keep it simple is the message for 2011! Go within buckle down go for the ride, and make sure that as situations present themselves to you that create imbalance in your life make every effort to resolve that issue as quick as possible. 2011 is the year that we need to acknowledge the ‘ONENESS’ in all things, acknowledging that we are all one with all of nature and all of creation. As we do this we will begin to see that this coming year is one that sees us operating differently. As I see it, a year where we must forge connections to one another, begin to operate as the ants, working in teams, working as one with a common goal. No need to shine as an individual just know what it is that is in your divine plan and join with others, which will happen easily if you step back and allow it to be so, and work toward achieving your plan which of course will be at one with the Divine Plan.

Many will leave the planet this coming year yet this is not to be feared but to be accepted. We are all finding our place connecting to our soul group to bring forth the big changing of energies to come. That exciting time when we will awaken one day and realize that only LOVE exists upon this planet now and somehow this shift has happened yet it was not pin pointed down to a particular day or date in history but it has happened.

As many leave the planet this coming year, and many awaken to their role and their power, we will see many systems that currently control us loose their power or have irreversible ‘glitches’ that allow new and better systems emerge that will be more in line with our new energy and most importantly based on integrity. Fear should not be entered into, for we cannot unknow what we know! We are all Gods playing out this game called ‘life’ at this time and only the bravest and the best are here to master the game, we are not forgotten, we have all the help and tools that are required. The secret is that we must all reach deep within our hearts and not deny the small voice of our Higher Self that is directing us to the very next step. Take time, perhaps your guides are singing a song in your heart and mind too! In love and light

Lorraine – and friends.

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