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Uluru in Central Australia was known by its western name of Ayers Rock until it was handed back to the original owners of that land and reverted to its known name of Uluru. People come to the Red Centre from countries all around the world just to see this powerful rock and to walk around or climb it. Of course we are asked by the local custodians, the Mutitjulu people to not climb the rock. Many people think this is because of the sacred significance but a few years ago I asked one of the elders why this was so and with a grin he told me that “We don’t want these white people killing themselves, that is why. As the custodians we are responsible for the welfare of those at the rock and when people die at the rock we are responsible for their spirit.” Many people do die at the rock that we don’t hear about, it is not uncommon for someone to have a heart attack while climbing or for someone to fall. It is not a climb for the faint hearted and takes some effort, which many underestimate. I recall being at the base of the rock a few years ago with my healers group and we could not believe our eyes as we looked up and saw a man struggling down the rock with a baby of about three months in one arm and a young two or three year old by the hand. It was scary and we held our breath watching this struggle and at times this man had no choice but to let go of the toddler and let him do the best he could. As the elder told me “People do silly things.”

My calling to the rock was back in early 2006 when Spirit told me that I was to now teach my course at Uluru, I had been teaching my Energetic Healers Course as a four-module course here in Adelaide since 2000. They told me that there was no time for this and that people needed to transform their lives and to get this information much faster than that and they assured me that the energy of the rock would help me to make this happen. I was very nervous about making this change as it didn’t seem possible to me, however as always, I trusted what I had been told and prepared the first course for later that year. Once this was in place things really started to happen, I received a call from an Aboriginal lady elder who asked me what I was doing because she knew I was doing something that she wanted to be involved in, talking to this lady I felt I had known her for years, before that conversation ended she was coming with me on the first trip. I contacted Aboriginal elder Bob Randall from Mutitjulu and he knew I was coming as well. When the three of us met for the first time at Uluru we all looked into each other’s eyes and knew we had much work to do together and we knew that we were now on a journey that had been planned for us, that continues today as our souls work together for the Divine Plan.

From that very first journey and group I could see amazing transformations taking place amongst each person that attended, not only did they take on new information but they dropped layers and layers of pain and allowed the wonderful power of the rock, the heart energy of Australia and the spiritual centre of the planet, to absorb their own heart pain and open their heart chakra to love.

We are so lucky to have this amazing site on our land, people will continue to be drawn to Australia seeking the knowledge and healing that is available here. I was shown in a vision ten years ago that Australia would be the spiritual centre of the world and that the Indigenous energy held the key to that power. I have connected to my ancestors and my Aboriginal heritage but as Australians black or white we are connected to this land and the power it holds and we can open to that power and knowledge and be proud that we have this ancient wisdom at our fingertips. The Indigenous people of this land are happy to share their amazing knowledge that is unique to this country yet so many Australians still seek out Indigenous cultures from other lands believing them to be somehow better, showing little or no respect for our own Indigenous wisdom. This is so sad for they don’t know what they are missing out on. Times are changing however and people are awakening, if you would like to transform and awaken contact us and join us on the ‘Uluru Experience’, call 08 8342 4109 or email

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