• Just stepping inside the Centre I  feel better! I love this place, so calming and centreing, everthing was wonderful. Jade
  • Absolutely fantastic massage, feeling completely loved and rejuvenated. Sam
  • Thank you for such a wonderful few hours of relaxation and calm! Didn’t realise how much I needed to stop and enjoy. Loved the ION foot spa and sauna too! Thank you Micky
  • What an amazing experience, very relaxing and the products are so nice. Thank you, you made me feel very beautiful. Thanks to my daughter for this package. We will be back again! Deb
  • Thank you so very much! Just amazing, I’m so relaxed. Definately come again. Brigetta
  • Such a beautiful massage, I’m feeling very relaxed and looking forward to my next visit already. Caroline
  • Another lovely massage and facial treatment. Mum and I loved it! Thanks, see you next time. Lynette & Norelle
  • Thank you for a lovely rejuvenating and relaxing morning, total stress relief. Peter & Gloria
  • Your shop is soooo cool! I love it! I will come again. Lauren
  • Magic hands. Relaxed quickly and slipped into blissful peace. Truly wonderful experience. Thank you, Brenda
  • I have just enjoyed a groundiung & balancing Aroma Massage-calm and serene. thank you, live, laugh, Hayley
  • Another amazing experience. Soo did not want that massage to end!
  • Relaxing bath followed by an amazing relaxing massage. thankyou, I’ll be back to spoil myself again soon
  • Extremely, gantastic, solid, amazing massage to top off the refreshing relaxed sauna & detox, sensational experience. Thanky you all  Daphne
  • That was amazing, so relaxing. I feel refreshed, thank you so much. Always a wonderful experience here. Karley
  • Thank you so much. The massage was amazing. I love coming to the Adelaide Healing Centre as each time I leave, I feel relaxed, centred, balanced  once again, thank you. Rebecca
  • Excellent massage, very relaxing
  • Thank you soo much for a very calm & relaxing massage. No more headache!  Thank you again, Carmelle
  • I feel like a new person –  transformed! Namaste!
  • Amazing-even before I start!..Now finished I feel I have “died and gone to heaven'”! Bliss
  • Excellent as usual
  • Fantastic, thanks
  • Excellent, feel relaxed and pampered
  • Thank you, amazing hands. Feel very relaxed & refreshed, ready to take on the world!
  • and many many more, come in and experience this for yourslef!



What did you enjoy the most about the workshop?

“Interaction with all participants and facilitator, learning that we are all dysfunctional in some form”! Val

“Sharing the experience with others” Kristina

“Sharing and hearing the experiences and creating a comfortable bond with strangers” Krystal


To Whom It May Concern:

I attended the Inner Child Workshop at the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre in June 2006. At this time I was going through a difficult period of my life and had done not inner healing before.

Not knowing what to expect,  I was apprehensive at first but soon found the course very beneficial to my situation, looking deep inside, finding answers that I could not have found on my own.

The facilitator was very professional throughout, being mindful of everyone’s needs towards their healing.

It is over 12 months since I did the course and my outlook towards my future is totally different to that before the course.  I now know more about myself than ever before which has and will continue to benefit me in every aspect of my life.

I will continue to use the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre for any future Inner Child healing and can highly recommend it to anyone in need of such services.

George Akkerman

The Inner Child workshop gave me understanding of what the Inner Child is and made me recognise my inner child inside of me. The tools I learned, to take care of my inner child were simple and easy. When I became sad, angry or feeling negative, I would remember my inner child and take care of her using these tools. It is now easier for me to stay calm and happy than before I attended this workshop.

Love Atsuko Instrell-Walker

Inner Child Workshop    

This was an amazing weekend…. Spent with a room of wonderful and beautiful people ……. young and old …. We all came from different backgrounds ….. differing beliefs ……… different cultures. But somewhere along our journey we all had been hurt or disappointed which we had no control or thought we had done the right thing at the time. The hurt, blaming, abuse, self doubt which cause us to neglect and stop loving our inner child and ourselves ..

The Inner Child Workshop helped us to work through our issues to open up to connect with our inner child.  The workshop gave us new skills to use in our everyday lives and to truly love ourselves and to unlock the door to the person that we kept our inner child behind ……. without love, laughter and light …. but with FEAR… After that weekend we all left feeling lighter, happier, and with new hope to face the future.

We also agreed to meet once a week for 6 weeks to connect and for discussion and many of us made many changes in our lives….  Well I did it!!

I recommend this ‘Inner Child Workshop to anyone who is seeking to free themselves from the past and to create the life they want … freedom and life without fear ……

Helen Moussakas

Lee Roses’ healing story

On the 22nd of November 2006, I found the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre. The week leading up to the 22nd I was trying to find a reason to keep living. My childhood, the abuse and sexual abuse in my teenage years to early 30’s, abusing drugs, women, society and spending more than half of my life in and out of kid’s homes, detention centers, prisons and police watch houses, down to neglecting my own son. The guilt, pain and shame was making me physically sick and getting angry with myself on how stuffed my life was and how hard I was making it on myself and everyone I cared about. It got to the point, where to me, there was no point; there was too much pain. So I decided to give myself a week to find a reason to live and hey, with all the pain I caused, who was gonna miss me anyway?
I made no plans for the whole week, I took no calls, I don’t even think I left the house. My Mum and my son tortured my head, my Mum because she’s already lost three kids and my son as if he hasn’t lost and suffered enough without putting him through this.

They weren’t enough, and on the 22nd when I was sitting in my chair crying with my face in my hands, I said, “This is it, I’m doing it”. I lifted my head to get up but I could hardly see through the tears, all of a sudden on my bookstand I could see this book standing out, it seemed to be glowing. I thought I was seeing things at first. I walked to it and picked it up, it was Lorraine Webb’s ‘Guide to Healing the Inner Child’.

I hadn’t read in years but I read more than half the book that day and I decided to ring her. I rang the next morning and got her number and rang her straight away. I told her my name and asked to meet her to talk, Lorraine said to meet her at 9.30am the next morning at the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre, which I did.

I was a broken person with a broken spirit! She listened to me and she cried with me and then she gave me something I thought was all but gone, she gave me ‘hope’! Lorraine’s generosity was astounding to me, she gave me the Inner Child Meditation CD, asked me to come back later that day for a free crystal bowl healing and she said she wanted me to do the Inner Child Workshop which was being held the next day, and all at no cost. She then said to come in after the workshop for another free healing.

Lorraine said that if I commit to her for three months and come in once a week, I will only have to pay $60.00 per fortnight. I felt bad but I was desperate at the time, I thankfully accepted. As she said, if I commit, my life will improve out of sight and it did.

One of the most amazing things for me, was telling Lesley how, after having my son when I was 20 years old, I got endometriosis, a debilitating pain every time I got my period. Lesley said not to be surprised if the pain goes away now your are wanting to heal yourself. Four months after that statement Lesley made, I got another period and for the first time, I had no pain, so I waited for my next period, still no pain, now one year on, nothing, not a single twinge of pain since.
To this day I still go every week for my healings any my life, like Lorraine said, gets better and better every day. My beautiful son is back in my life and is so proud of the work I have done on myself.

My mother must be the proudest woman alive. Since healing my life without prejudice and the amazing changes she’s seen in me, in April this year, my Mum came over from Melbourne to do the Inner Child Workshop, which is now called the Healing the Past workshop. I was so proud of her for doing it and showing me that no matter how old you are, you can still change your life.

Our relationship just gets stronger and stronger, all the time now. Why that’s so surprising to me is because we never had a relationship before, the fear of just being near her was so overwhelming I used to get physically sick.

In September this year I went to Uluru with Lorraine and Lesley and did the Spiritual Healers training Course. I only have 15 more healings to get me Healers Certificate and Lorraine has offered me a job with the healing centre when I’ve completed those healings. I feel very lucky and blessed to have the total support and commitment of the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre. I shudder to think where I might be today without them. Next October I’m going to Egypt with the Healing Centre on a spiritual journey, how lucky do you think I feel!

To end, I just want to say a special thank you to Lorraine, Lesley, Jan and Elaine for their comfort and endless love and support, there’s not enough words in the world to thank you’s for giving me my life back. I love you all so much.

Love and Respect
Always & forever

Testimonial from Jessy Willemese

I completed the Healing the Past integrating the Inner Child workshop at the end of 2007 and the changes in my life have been incredible.

I connected with my inner child so well that I did not want to poison her anymore so I stopped smoking ‘cold turkey’. Each time I thought of smoking I imagined my inner child with a cigarette in her hand smoking it and it turned me off smoking. I wanted to take good care of my inner child and there is no place for unhealthy things anymore.

I found it easier to connect to the inner child of others, my husband and friends. I started to understand others behaviour more, I feel more love and compassion seeing the inner child of other people. It has helped me understand more, why someone is how they are and opened for me, the door of forgiveness, to forgive others and myself.

I see the whole picture more clearly now and that everything that is happening to me is all good and all for my higher best in the end.

Just thought that you would appreciate knowing that since coming to the centre  and working on myself, I have:

  • Increased my annual salary by $22,000
  • Built and established my house inside and out
  • Bought my own car
  • Various exchanges/$s for developing websites
  • Increased my circle of friends
  • Improved the relationships with my family

Many thanks for your help, support and love – I really appreciate it.
Yvette Carlson 2007

Yvette is now happily married with a daughter of her own!


I have suffered a bad skin breakout due to trauma, on my face. Visiting my GP of twelve years, turned into the Mental Health Act being used against me. Four weeks detention. Police and ambulance picked me up!

Since then I have seen many doctors, GP’s and two dermatologists, to no avail.

For two years I had no assistance for this skin condition.

On January 11th 2014 I turned to Homeopathic help.

There was noticable change for me in 48 hours! A month down the track, AMAZING!

I have photographic PROOF!

Thank you so much Jenny

J.M. Hill