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‘The truth shall set you free’. This is the way it is right now, we must all speak our ‘emotional’ truth. However there is no such thing as the ‘truth’, since we are living an illusion on this planet, which is why we can never agree on what is ‘truth’ as it is relative to the glasses you happen to be viewing life from.

For some this can be very confusing, as our society is based on ‘judgement’. We like to box everything we see, feel and believe as either right or wrong, yet the truth is that it just is! It is neither right or wrong. We should not be seeking the truth in situations we find ourselves in but we should be seeking our emotional truth in other words how we ‘feel’ about what is or isn’t happening.

Speaking your truth is about you honouring what you wish to say and how you feel. It is not about the other person but about what is real and right for us. Some may feel offended by what we have to say, we cannot help how they feel or react but we do have to live with ourselves for what we do say or about what we do not say.
Speaking your truth is not about being ‘right’ it’s about expressing what we feel in a real and authentic way.

We need to allow ourselves to be venerable and transparent – these are the keys to speaking your truth. Being mindful of not being mean or hurtful is important but we cannot take responsibility about how the other person responds.

Currently our world is in turmoil as the old energies of control and manipulation try to continue the game of hiding the truth to no avail. This is a time where all shall be revealed and there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, all will be seen.

Many clients are now coming in talking of how they have been keeping long held family secrets and yet through events all has been revealed causing chaos within the family yet this is opening to deep family healing that could never have been imagined.

Interestingly some people are trying to run away from issues that they have in relationships as they always have yet there is nowhere to run too any longer as where ever you go you take those issues with you and you will have the same type of people and situations hit you again and again.

A young woman told me the other day that she went overseas for a few years to hide from the family abuse that was happening here. She hoped that it would all be over and she could forget it all. The problem was she took herself and the hurt and pain with her and attracted other people that abused her trust over there. She did not understand that the only way through an issue is to face it head on and speak her emotional truth and allow herself to heal and to reclaim her power so that it never happens again. So instead of being able to hide she simply prolonged and reinforced her wounds. Happily she is now revealing and healing and releasing herself from past trauma and is committed to honouring her ‘emotional truth’ in the future.

The truth shall set you free – needs to be a mantra that we all embrace.

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