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I have been a seeker of TRUTH for as long as I can remember.  Even as a child, I recall trying to work out who was right and who was wrong.  It was such a burden to me, I had to decide, judge and be angry with whichever parent I thought had wronged me or wronged one another.  I trusted my judgements, in fact, I relied on them as possibly the only thing I could trust in this world.

As I grew older I lived in a black and white world that told me there was ‘right’ and there was ‘wrong’.  I felt I had to navigate my way through this black and white world, I had to seek the TRUTH within a structure that told me there was good and bad, black and white, right and wrong.  So of course I had to fight to be right!

So what have I learnt about TRUTH?

I have learnt there is no TRUTH within this three-dimensional experience.  How could there be TRUTH within allusion?  We are definitely living in illusion for this is not reality. We will all go home to reality sooner or later. I learnt that TRUTH is subjective – it depends on whose TRUTH  we are talking about ‘my truth’ ‘your truth’ or ‘THE TRUTH’.  We are all seeking truth through our own experiences of life that colour our view of the world in other words we each have our own glasses on and we see only an aspect of all there is.

When I finally recognised this I found a new word to focus on to navigate my way through this world that would serve me so much better than ‘TRUTH’.  I found ‘SURRENDER’.  Oh my, what a blessing!  I was able to release myself from the TRUTH  to acknowledge ‘I know nothing, all is as it is meant to be’. This lifted such a burden off my shoulders.  No longer did I have to make all the judgements. I cannot list here the painful journey I needed to travel to find ‘SURRENDER’ but it is truly my friend and SURRENDER had to bring me to my knees before I could acknowledge I know nothing! Now the need to work out right from wrong, “Could have .. should have .. what if… if only…” is replaced with  “ALL IS AS IT IS MEANT TO BE – THERE IS A DIVINE PLAN THAT IS GREATER THAN THE INDIVIDUAL”.

Acceptance for what is rather than what was – what will be will be.  My Divine Guides come to me in ‘times of trouble’ in song.  As a child I used to sing Doris Day’s song ‘Que Sera Sera’ riding my bike down the street as loud as I could.  Little did I know that when times were very difficult many years later, my Guides would come and sing that song as a way forward for me.  The other song my Guides bought to me was John Lennon’s ‘Let it Be’. Many many times that song got me through difficult times, all bringing me to ‘SURRENDER’.

When I teach my students in the Energetic Healers Course – I encourage them to seek out the client’s emotional truth, work with that rather getting caught up in trying to find ‘the truth’ in a situation.

The TRUTH  is I have learnt I know nothing, yet I know much.  My journey is to embrace SURRENDER each and every day, even though at times it is a struggle.  My ego so wants to step up and sort it out!  I seek Wisdom as my highest desire and I believe to reach WISDOM  I have to journey a little longer with SURRENDER by my side, but WISDOM  is waiting to greet me.

Much love LORRAINE

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