We are all in a constant state of change, nothing remains the ‘same’, although we often feel as if we are stuck and change is not happening, this is just another example of illusion.  This is the planet of change and change is inevitable.  We don’t always like the changes that happen to us and around us but nevertheless what is inevitable is that change will happen and all things must pass.

If we are in acceptance and understanding of this it becomes easier to accept change and the changing seasons of our lives.  However if we are trying to hang on to something or someone or some situation that is due to ‘change’ it brings difficulties to oneself even anger and resentment.

Hanging on to the past and past situations will keep you stuck energetically back in that time and that situation, this then leaves you relatively powerless in the ‘now’.  Not only do you then have limited power to enjoy the now moment and all the gifts that it brings but it also stops you from manifesting your future desires.  So the past can be seen as a way of blocking oneself from achieving all that your divine plan holds for your life.

It is so easy to be trapped in the past, reliving situations, going over old regrets – ‘I could have, I should have, If only this happened then I would be, could be, should be!!’  What a total waste of your time when all you truly have is the NOW.  No amount of reviewing can lead to change of what is.  Yet so many people remain locked in this senseless cycle.

So often I hear people say “Yes that is easy for you to say, but I just can’t let it go for such and such reason.”  I get that, we have all been there.  When you can’t get over something that is the time that you seek a healer that will take you back through that time and space to release and rescue yourself from that time and that situation, bringing you gently back to where the true power within you lies and that is in the NOW.  No other time exists but the now.  What keeps us trapped in the past is the emotional energy that is stuck within the being that is connected to the situation.  The mind continually reviews looking for a way to resolve.  It is much quicker to have a therapist show you another aspect of this situation that you may not have considered that will then lead to mental and emotional release.

Add to this that we are now living in a time of the ‘quickening’ where time is collapsing and we feel that there is no time for the things we want and need to do.  Part of this ‘quickening’ is that it is escalating the rate that past issues are being illuminated for us to see and resolve.  This is bringing so much anxiety and stress and many feel out of control as areas of one’s life appear to be beyond control.  In actual fact this is simply yet another opportunity to release the past and open to a new way of being and accepting oneself.

If we look at society and the chaos that is happening worldwide and people begin to awaken to the truth beyond the illusion it becomes just another indicator outside of ourselves to see the chaos and turmoil within.  We cannot fix the world but by addressing and releasing all our own past issues and embracing and accepting ourselves as the amazing talented highly evolved beings that we are we are holding a space for others to discover their own ‘light’ and inner power.  This LIGHT MOVEMENT is traveling around the planet as beings heal and acknowledge their true power.  By healing oneself and holding your light and space you play your role in healing all of humanity.  Embrace the NOW for it is all you have.

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