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On a personal level all that is holding each person back in their own personal evolvement will come to the surface as we are now in a time where there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, all will be revealed. For those that resist there will be a very rocky ride, many will continue to leave the planet as they find it all too hard. However this is also a part of the illusion as it really is not difficult at all, it simply appears to be too difficult to do something different from the old status quo. Yet this is what must be done for each of us.

We are required to get out of our comfort zone or should we say sleep zone!

Awaken, to the world and the role you play in it. Turn off the TV, take one hour each day feeding your spirit and your spiritual growth by doing spiritual exercises or walking in nature. Break the old patterns create new habits that feed you and bring you closer to knowing your true self.

Surrender, release your fear of survival, and give up worrying about finances, the future, and your health, what will happen if! LET IT GO – do we see the message coming through to our young souls in the film frozen? The song is channelled and at a vibration that will give hope to the souls in waiting, when they sing that song it heals their little hearts. There will be many more ways coming through that will support the young and to encourage them not to lose heart.

For instance through animals have we noticed that the mass of god’s creatures are embracing enlightenment easier than their counterparts us humans. Notice how more knowing and emotionally intelligent animals are now. If you are not aware simply go to utube and spend 30 minutes watching some of the extraordinary animal stories that show the spirit within the animal. They do not have the ego that battles a new way of being. Animals are very quickly evolving, and lifting there vibration. How can we continue to allow these evolved creatures to be abused or used to feed those that have no appreciation of the food that they are consuming as a living creature with a soul. Is it then any wonder that so many health issues are coming from the consummation of meat? How different could it be if the occasional consummation of a creature was accompanied by a pray of gratitude for the creature that gave its life for you. We know that all is simply vibration, we now know that water is a vibration and that the vibration of that water can be changed. We know that eating living food as opposed to processed food has us eating the healthy vibration of that food. What then do humans think the vibration of an animal that has been disrespected through its life prodded and poked lead to a slaughter house for a death that is less than desirable, a life led simply to be enslaved by man who has no appreciation for the soul and spirit of the individual creature but sees them as all the same. Can you imagine the vibration of such an animal? Yet here we are as a society consuming more than we ever have.

So 2015 will bring to the world things that we have long denied, we will be unable to deny or justify things that are not right. Within our own lives we will need to make changes to bring ourselves to a place of peace and surrender, to trust in our own abilities, we will learn to BE and to be at peace within ourselves and if not address what it is that is stopping this peace. We can no longer say – “I am just one person there is nothing I can do about it” because there is you are a soul with equal power to any other soul on this planet, you have a voice, your voice, your making a stand on any injustice will give others the power to honour their voice and truth as well.

2015 worldwide will continue with the power mongers fighting the old fight of superior suppresy over other countries and beings. Those still in the lower vibration will continue believing that war and killing is the way to peace. Of course this can never be the way. Anger and rage will continue to fuel those that resist change. However there will be events that happen in 2015 that will shake those beliefs to their very core and bring many to their knees!

Money systems will collapse, as more and more loose employment. The inequality created through the money system that we have currently and the great divide between those that have and those that do not and the pain associated with this system will bring it collapse. There are other ways to run a society without the need for a system that is so out of balance with the needs of the whole of humanity. When the new system is here we will wonder why we ever allowed ourselves to be enslaved by such a system that is now so archaic.

The message for 2015 is to slow down. Deal with your own issues in earnest. Awaken to the truth of what is going on around you from what is in the water and food you eat and drink to the material you are fed on TV and in the media. Look to the skies and ask yourself what are these chem trails about. You are a part of this world you must inform yourself but at the same time find the peace and fearlessness within you knowing beyond dall else that GOD has a plan and all you really need to do to contribute is to remain aware, hold the LIGHT and love in your heart knowing that you are always safe and this is all illusion and a game that you are playing. So play well do not miss opportunities to play your role to the best of your ability.

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