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By Lorraine Webb

We are all amazing beings with multiple personalities. So often we do not take the time to really appreciate all aspects of our personality. We refer to ‘me’ when talking about our feelings and emotions often without the real understanding of who ‘me’ really is.

‘Me’ is actually made up of a multitude of personality types. We have the personality types that we are willing to show to the world, that we feel are acceptable parts of ourselves. In a technique that I facilitate at the Centre called “Voice Dialogue” we refer to these personality types as your operating personalities. They are referred to as this because we flip in and out of these personalities in our daily lives, as required. Most of us are doing so without really recognising the different energy of the various personality types. So often we are quite unconscious of these personalities and the role they play. We can have personality types such as a protector; this personality would come forward if we were being attacked in any way. Then there could be a mothering personality that would come forward with our children. We could also have an organiser personality that would come out when we felt the need to be organised, perhaps, in our workplace. The list goes on and on and can be very different from person to person.

We also have the personalities that we hide from the world, these parts of us are kept down in the basement and are called ‘the disowned selves’. These sub personalities are the parts of us that we don’t like other people to see. We know they are there and we work very hard to keep a lid on these personalities. We have decided that they are not the way we wish to be seen by people. These negative parts of us often come out though, usually when we least expect it. This is often referred to as having your buttons pushed, when someone has said or done something that has triggered a reaction. The disowned selves, are often the ones being triggered.

We can have any number of operating personalities and any number of disowned personalities. Using Voice Dialogue, as the facilitator, I am able to speak to one of these personalities at a time, thereby getting to know how this personality operates. Asking many questions of the self, I am able to gather information to help the client understand him or herself better, and to help them to make better decisions based on the information that the self has supplied.

The really wonderful part of this technique is that when you take someone into a particular personality, they are able to identify the different energy and feelings created by that self. In a session when you facilitate up to three various personalities, the client is able to experience the various energies, and from that moment on, in their daily lives, they are then able to recognise which personality they are operating in by recognising the feeling of that personality.

The process works extremely well for all people, it is a way of becoming self aware. Being aware of all facets of what you call ‘me,’ with a new found understanding of the personalities that you operate in on a daily basis, but also becoming aware of all the parts of yourself that you may be in denial of.

The aim of the process is to bring balance into a person’s life, balancing both the operating personalities and the disowned personalities. For instance, some one that has a self critic as an operating personality that may have been stopping the person from succeeding in their life by constantly criticising them, after a session in Voice Dialogue the person would be able to make an adjustment based on the information gathered in the session.

We all need to know all aspects of ourselves to be able to accept and love the person we call ‘me’ before we can expect others around us to love and accept us. This is just one process to help people achieve that result. This process is very good for those that are in “their heads” and have trouble connecting to the heart. If you would like to experience the process, please contact the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre on (08) 8342 4109.

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