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It is becoming very clear that this is a time for people to take stock of what is their responsibility and therefore their business and what is not!  So many of us assume responsibility for others while often lacking focus on what is required for self care.

I get to see with my clients how these lines are confused as the focus is shifted from self and personal responsibility to trying to ‘fix’ others, particularly family members.  We become powerless when we see issues with others that we cannot fix and yet we continually try feeling that because we can see the issues that somehow they should take our guidance or direction.  it can be so frustrating but also it takes us away from knowing where our power lies and where it doesn’t.

We can assist others when they reach out to us for assistance but the truth is those around us that are on a destructive course will not listen until they are ready to hear.  It is difficult to stand by and watch another do things that are not in their best interest, but at times we all need to walk a path that is not right for us to then find our way back to our Divine path.  We cannot ‘save’ another, but we can walk with them as Jesus, Lord Sananda did, showing that they are not alone.  In this we need to be aware that it is so easy to loose oneself and your own journey while trying to ‘save’ another.

You can go deeper into this ‘saving’ concept and consider this, what are you ‘saving’ them from?  What if, this person needs this difficult path, what if in your attempts to ‘save’ you are assisting in the delaying of the ultimate progress of that person?  What if no matter how it appears to you that person is always divinely loved and protected by Divine Beings above?  What if what is occurring is exactly what needs to happen right now, regardless of how you may view it?  What if your view is distorted as you are emotionally hooked into this situation?  Is it real? Is it illusion?  What is the worst case scenario in this situation?  If I am emotionally connected to this situation what is the lesson for me in all of this?  Finally, you can ask of yourself “How can I find peace in this situation?”  Remember if you are unable to work through the above there are amazing therapists that can assist in finding your answers to these questions.  It takes an evolved being to consider the questions at all, so be brave, step out of fear to ALL IS AS IT IS MEANT TO BE!

It is good to be clear within oneself as to what your personal responsibility is and what our Creator holds you responsible for.  I like to use the analogy of the ‘sand box’, you are responsible for your sand box and those are that are in it.  Your first responsibility is always to ‘self’ for if you are not right you will not have the energy to support another.  Then comes responsibility to your under age children, then your partner.  It is this simple, yet we complicate it so.  Yes you can assist other family members if and when they reach out to you, or friends.  Yes you can give in service to others, but we must always take care of our ‘sand box’ first, it is never at the expense of our ‘sand box’.

Now is the time for all souls to step into the power of who they really are, releasing all that no longer serves them, releasing the past, healing all the pain, anger and grief that has controlled and limited us.  We are in a time of the ‘dividing of the souls’, some will understand the full meaning of this, others may just feel that this is a time to hurry up as a feeling of missing out on some level is felt.  Follow your inner guidance, reach out to those that can assist you in ‘Awakening to Reality’.

AWAKENING TO REALITY is a one day workshop I will be conducting at Broad beach, Gold Coast, on Sunday 21st May 2016, from 10am till 4pm, where I will be showing participants how to use their mind in a constructive way and how to release and open oneself to another reality.  If you are living in Queensland area and would like to attend or are in need of some direction or questions to be answered for your life, and your healing path, contact us for more information.  Much love.

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