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When I am asked how I got involved with teaching and healing with Aboriginal people, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact time.

Maybe it goes back before my birth and my aboriginal heritage. My mother’s father was born to an Aboriginal women, I didn’t know him terribly well, although I was witness to the dysfunction, hurt and pain that was passed on from generation to generation. After his death, I began tracing our family tree and was able to understand a great deal about my family through this.

In 1992 I had an out of body experience where I found myself before a group of amazing beings from the ‘Light’. These beings told me (amongst many things) that I did not appreciate the gifts that had been given to me, and that it was now time for me to ‘awaken’. On returning back to my physical body, nothing was to be the same again. Although nothing happened instantly, I had changed and was now on my spiritual journey, searching for my direction. Many amazing things happened from then on such as being forced to leave my job and my security to spend three years on my own, healing and getting to know myself.

I attended many retreats and workshops and was directed to healing. People began to seek me out and come to my home for help and guidance until in 1999 I was guided by my friends in Spirit to open a healing centre.

I was guided to ATSIC, where I found a wonderful Spiritual man that I knew had been placed on my path to help with the plan that Spirit had for me. With his help I was able to get a business loan from that organisation and in my business plan I told them that in the future I planned to develop programs for the Aboriginal community.

Two years into my business another Angel came to me in the form of an Aboriginal lady called ‘Liz’. She needed help as her own emotional grief and loss was affecting her ability to function in her job helping her people. I worked on Liz and she opened to her spirituality and the healing path.

There was a special day that Liz and I were sitting together ‘dreaming the dream’ of how we could make a difference. In that moment Spirit showed me a vision of the world as a huge globe. As I looked at the world, the map of Australia began to glow with golden light. I was told
“Lorraine Australia will be the Spiritual country of the world and the Australian Aboriginals the Spiritual leaders, they have the key!”
In that moment Liz and I knew that something amazing had been set in motion, we knew that it would all come to pass and that we were to play a part in it although we didn’t know how yet.

That vision has been driving me as my passion for the past three years.
Two years ago I managed to gain some funding for a prison program. I put together a program called ‘How to Heal and Create a Positive Future’. I took this into the women’s prison and ran it over four days with a small group of women. We then followed up by going back into the prison and doing two private sessions of healing one on one. The results were really positive, the women really responded, some for the first time in a long time could see that things in their lives could change. They were able to view themselves as spiritual beings instead of society misfits!

It is difficult to explain in words how rewarding working with these people has been for myself and my team. These people were hungry for the sacred, often just wanting more and more. Awakening to meditation and their own vision and connection to Spirit. Understanding, perhaps for the first time, how their highly dysfunctional childhood had created all the negative feelings that were driving them.

Many times we would here participants say as we would leave “please don’t be like the other programs that have come in here, please remember us and help us!” so many stories, so many beautiful misguided souls.

In December 2003 we took the program into the men’s prison, we were told they would be much more difficult. However we found just the opposite! The men responded even better than the women. Desperate to make a connection, screaming out for understanding and help in trying to understand themselves. We have since done two programs in the men’s prison and next week we are embarking on the next. We have been treated with nothing but respect from the men. Once again they were asking for us to be there on their release, asking for support in those first hard months following release when things can go wrong for them.

Three months ago I was able to forge a partnership in training with the Adelaide CDEP program which is a Training Centre for Indegenous people. Currently we are training a group of fifteen women, one day a week in spirituality, self esteem and healing. Those women are mainly young mums with young families that need help and support. We are taking them through understanding and dealing with their problems within the group on a weekly basis. The change in these women is amazing they are reporting that life is changing dramaticly for them.

On another day I am training ten Aboriginal women to become healers and trainers. I have both groups working with me for twelve months, this gives me plenty of time to really make a difference. With these women the goal is to have them working in the community facilititating my ‘How to Heal and Create a Positive Future’ program as well as being able to do the hands on healing.

Along with my mentor and friend, that I mentioned earlier, my latest exciting project is to open an Aboriginal healing centre that is a non profit organisation where Aboriginal people from the gaol and the community in need, can access services without having to wait as they currently have to. This is an exciting project and I hope to set up a working model that other States may also wish to adopt.

It is time for healing as never before and my strong belief is that the Aboriginal people need to heal and forgive those that have hurt them in the past. Racism in Australia must become a thing of the past. We must all join together as one, seeing ourselves as one race and that is the ‘human race’ truly seeing ourselves in the eyes of the Creator, simply all a part of pure perfection. Only when we have achieved this can we move forward.

All people will eventually achieve this, but my dream is that we in Australia take our place as the Spiritual leaders of the world!

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