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By Lorraine Webb

Since my last article on Ascension, many people have spoken to me about their own processes and are questioning whether some of the things that are happening to them in their life are connected with the Ascension process. The answer of course is ‘yes’, because everything that happens in our life is for our own personal growth, so that we can experience and let go of the layer upon layer of the pain residing in our bodies and open ourselves to the blessing of peace and tranquillity as we become our true selves, our light body.

Imagine an onion, imagine peeling away layer upon layer of the onion until you reach the sweetness of the core of the onion. That is what we are in the process of doing, peeling away layer upon layer of our current life’s issues as well as our past life issues. When we have reached the point of having released all our pain, that is when we have built our light body.

As these layers of pain are released from our energy field, we become lighter and lighter energetically

The energy that we are experiencing currently is one that is showing people that it is time to make big decisions in their lives. No longer can people have a foot on either side of the fence, wanting to be a being of light and love yet not wanting to give up the old ways of disempowerment, victim mentality, anger and resentment. This year is about choice, choosing the job that FEELS right, being in the right place for your own growth, not compromising yourself in any way. Looking at all areas of your life and being honest with yourself about how they feel and if you are doing, saying and acting in a way that empowers you, if not what can you do to correct it.

The energy upon the planet, coming from Spirit is here to help you grow, to help you change, now as never before. No longer can you get away with statements like “I can’t change” or “That’s just the way I am” or “I can’t help the way I think”. These statements are so untrue and only serve to disempower you even more. Of course you can change, life is about change, everything is constantly changing, nothing stays the same on this planet, every thing is evolving, growing and changing and if we are not allowing the changes to take place within us, then we have become ‘stuck’. Some people are so stuck, bogged down with past and present issues that they are constantly trying to ‘fix’ by running away and denying there existence. The only way we can approach all our issues is by confronting them head on. When we feel fear within us, know that we must breathe into it and experience the feeling to its fullest potential, face it, feel it and then realise that it really doesn’t have power over you, it is just your belief system that gives it power.

There isn’t a person on the planet that cannot heal completely in this lifetime if they so wish. All it takes is the desire to be the best that you can be and the willingness to humble yourself and surrender to the Source (God, Universal Energy) acknowledging that you cannot achieve anything without divine intervention. In other words to achieve total mastership over yourself you first have to surrender the control that is coming from the ego. When you do surrender note that it is important to ask from your HEART not your HEAD. Spirit will then guide you on the rest of your journey.

We all must do the inner work. First facing our fears and issues, then forgiving and cutting ties with all those people that we have still negative connections too. Then we need to meditate and spend time alone to really get to know our own God self and begin to connect with our own knowledge and understanding. We then find ourselves moving from the 3rd dimensional reality into a higher sense beyond the illusion and begin to see that all is as it should be and that there is nothing to fear.

When we let go and allow ourselves to heal, the changes that take place are miraculous. For some this is very hard especially in the beginning, that is why there are so many Lightworkers upon the planet at the moment, I count myself as one, these evolved souls are here to help and to guide you upon this journey. Why do they do this? So that we can all ascend to the new world together, for in truth we are really one being having this experience, the illusion is that we are separate.

What can you do to help your process? Apart from reaching out for help in confronting your personal issues. You can try to disentangle yourself from the illusion by not watching the news each day or listening to it more than once a week, it feeds negativity and in truth buying into the dramas being played out does nothing to lift the energy of the planet. You can do more good by walking along the beach and thinking loving thoughts than by watching the evening news and buying into the negative energy. Become vegetarian, don’t support the killing of animals to feed our egos. You do not need meat to survive that is false. It will help you to give up fear in your own body as you stop eating meat that is filled with the fear of the animal. Watch your thoughts, correct any wrong thinking take responsibility for all yours thoughts and actions. Focus all your energy upon yourself until you feel the changes, there will be plenty of time to help others once you have yourself on the right track, in the meantime work only on yourself. Meditate daily or if you don’t know how join a group and learn how. At the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre we have the right mix of classes and courses along with therapies to assist you no matter where you are upon your journey. We pride ourselves in the fact that we always have myself or one of the therapists available to talk to anyone calling in reaching out for guidance.

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