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How we complicate our lives by trying to work out or resolve issues that we cannot do anything about. So many of my clients come with complicated stories that involve so many others, extended family, friends, work associates that they are entangled with.  By simplifying their story and coming back to their own level of responsibility in this world, suddenly all appears to be manageable.

There is wisdom in knowing what is your business and what is none of your business. As an example a client came to me very angry about the murder of a much loved friend, he was struggling with understanding and accepting the fact that these people had not been punished.  He acknowledged that his friend had contacted him in a dream and told him to let it go yet he was finding this most difficult.  Explaining to him that he did not have all the information associated with this situation and therefore could not ever expect to work it out and to understand that the Universe was very just and operated on a system that says ‘what you do will be done unto you’ therefore he could step back and just allow it to be, with trust and faith that there are no ‘mistakes’ or accidents in a divinely orchestrated Universe only lessons and soul growth. To hang on to his anger would only bring chaos to his world and influence his loved ones in a negative way.

I am lucky enough to be able to talk with Divine Spirits and to get wisdom and knowledge when I require it, I feel very blessed to have this gift. There have been times in my life that have been very difficult and the support from my helpers from the spirit world have never let me down.  In 2012 I suddenly lost my much loved son, he along with other spirits supported me through those days.  Spirit often communicate with me through song.  At that time I had many questions coming from grief and pain and the song that was sung to me daily in my head was John Lennon’s ‘LET IT BE’ they would sing to me, let it be, let it be, let it be, oh let it be, there will be an answer let it be. In times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me singing words of wisdom let it be’. That song gave me strength along with many other things that happened that I would class as miracles.  A few months later I was in Uluru teaching, I was in the shower feeling grief when suddenly Mother Mary was with me and she said to me “I lost my son too.”  My friends in the spirit world helped me to heal.

I have learnt from this and other experiences that we cannot control anyone or anything other than ourselves. Often the wisest thing to do is to let it be.  I have passed this on to many clients and can see the burden lifted from their shoulders as they leave the room.  Do what you can in a situation and what you cannot control you must accept.  If you are seeking peace and acceptance you may like to have a healing with me or one of our other therapists by calling Adelaide Healing Energy Centre 08 83424109.

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