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Have you ever thought of cleaning out the old energy from your house?

Have you moved to a new house and want to know how to make your new home more in alignment with your family?

Houses hold negative energy and reflect the energy of the persons that live within this home.  So if there has been an arguement and heated words the ‘energy’ of anger will linger within the four walls and will feel uncomfortable.

Talk to any real estate person and they will tell you that when there has been a divorce or the people in the home are not in agreement about selling, often the house is difficult to sell.  Why? Because whether we realize it or not we are all psychic to some extent and we all feel ‘energy’, so the first thing a buyer gets when walking into a home is the feel of the place, the rest of the decisions they make are based on this ‘feel’.

So here are some hints!

Next time you walk into your home after being away for a few hours, stop and sense and get a feel for how your home feels.  How does it smell? Does it feel clean or not? Trust your instincts!

So you decide that something has to be done, what next?

Well I suggest you choose a day to have a big clean up – if you don’t use it, get rid of it, rule of thumb. Give it away, sell it, whatever!  Too much ‘stuff’ is simply another burden you must carry.  So less is best!  Have you noticed the more money people have the less ‘stuff’ they have? It’s true!

Now, when cleaning don’t forget to wipe light switches and door knobs, this is where visitors and past occupants have touched and left an energetic inprint.

Next, when your house is nice and clean and smelling of beautiful eucalyptus oil (great for cleaning) you are ready to do the real energy work.  You will need a large to sage stick (cost about $22). You will use this in a smoking ceremony in all areas of your house.

Come see us at the centre and we can not only sell you the sage but we have a step by step fool proof method of cleansing your house in written form.  Smoking ceremonies are held by all indigenous peoples as a way of protection and energetic clearing of negative energies.  It really works.  We use our sage sticks here at the centre as our last resort to clearing negative energies and always have one on hand.

As well as cleansing your home in this manner, it is important to decide what energy you want in your home. How do you want it to be?

Calm, peaceful?

Fun joyous?

Loud noisy?

Whatever it is, it’s up to you.  But lets say you want to calm the kids down and have a peaceful home.  If this is the case then once you have cleared out the old energy, then you consciously choose how you want your home to be and you put that intention out.  As well as your intention you will need to let the family all know how you want this space to be for you all, thereby, getting their co operation.  Naturally things may take some time to change but doing a few simple things to be in alignment with this new way of being in your home is not that difficult.

So  what can we do to support this peaceful way of being?

  • cleanse and clear out the old energy
  • get rid of ‘stuff’ that each family member no longer needs
  • give the kids a long bath with lavender oil as a part of the night time routine, lavender calms them down very quickly
  • consider music playing at certain times during the day, perhaps turn off the tv at dinner time and bedtime for kids and play some relaxing slow down music ( you can go back to tv once the kids are settled)
  • Rather than bright overhead lights consider softer night lighting like Himalayan salt lamps, they are amazing ( we stock them)
  • Have an electic oil burner and burn some beautiful essential oil of your choice (they are a very safe option)
  • Try getting each family member to lower their voices so that no one is yelling.  Try doing everything at a slower pace, funnily enough it gets done in the same time as the person that runs around chasing their tail.

You will notice a difference once you decide to make some changes and become energetically aware of your environment.

If you would like our information sheet and know more about  house clearing, pop in and see us sometime.

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