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Our Mission Statement:

Connecting business and professional women who operate in integrity, for the purpose of exchanging wisdom and knowledge. Networking with a focus on ‘ONENESS’ and the greater good of all. We invite you to join this business and friendship network for the purpose of connecting to other women with a focus on networking, accessing expertise within the network and sharing in a supportive environment. As professional women, we have gathered much knowledge in our own area of expertise, now ‘Soul Sister’s Network offers you an opportunity to network with other professional women, to share that acquired knowledge in a loving and supportive environment. In the coming years it is the feminine energy that will be leading by example, able to assist the balancing of masculine and feminine energies so that at long last yin and yang will work in unison.

Here at the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre we see and meet many powerful and interesting women who have so much to offer the world. It is our dream to tap into this wonderful resource here in Adelaide and bring these women together to work and play learning from one another. Women are naturally great net workers, now we have an opportunity to introduce these amazing women to each other. We envisage that members will utilize the expertise of other members and offer discounts to each other, as you would a very best friend! This is an exciting opportunity to join a business network like no other. What makes us different to other groups is that we have a ‘spiritual’ and a ‘community’ focus. Our aim is to share and learn from other women’s successes and to broaden your business and social network and to grow spiritually, learning from inspirational speakers, whilst supporting a worthwhile charity.


Membership is FREE. Our goal is to have a membership of 200 women. Please assist us by getting your application in as soon as possible. YOUR HOST Lorraine Webb is a Spiritual therapist, teacher and author who will share her knowledge, wisdom and insights each month. She has the ability to inspire other women to greatness and is able to see beyond the illusion to the ‘gift’ in every situation. THIS IS A TIME FOR FEMININE LEADERSHIP, NOT A TIME TO PLAY IT SMALL! Contact Lorraine, Jan or Lesley for more information and to answer any questions that you may have.

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  • Invitation to attend a quarterly Dinner. There will be two presenters at each session who will inspire you. Cost of dinner is $35.00.
  • An opportunity to be a guest speaker promoting your business or business idea. You are encouraged to offer yourself as a speaker on a topic that is close to your heart and that will assist and enlighten other members. This is also an opportunity to promote your business or the industry that you work in.
  • Bring a friend. We encourage you to bring a friend along to see if they would like to join the network.
  • Opportunity to network with like-minded women.

This is an exciting opportunity to share information on many topics including personal development, business development and global awareness. You will be able to enjoy many inspirational speakers.

About us

We are the leaders in the area of healing and transforming energetic patterns and behavioral programming, working one on one with our clients. Creating a strategic healing plan that can include various healing modalities including, energetic healing, past life, body massage, negative releasement, and short courses. Our ‘inner child’ work is unique to our centre.

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