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It is not an easy journey in finding one’s own path and learning to listen to the inner voice and the inner wisdom, however it is important to find this path if we are to survive the coming years upon this planet.

We are living in times of great transition both outwardly in our world and our society and inwardly as we embrace our spirituality. It doesn’t take much to see the prophecies of change happening all around us. We can see fear being played out as never before and we can see destruction both outwardly, as war, and our climatic changes along with the devastation it brings. We can see the inward struggle as each person wrestles with their own demons of fear of change, drug addiction, alcoholism and anger, rage and hatred. There can be no doubt that we are living in the last days of the world as we know it.
We need to be aware at this time and to see these changes taking place whilst not buying into the fear energy!

We need to be positive about the changes, knowing that change is good! We can embrace change with an excitement knowing that we are all blessed to be on the planet at this time and to be a part of the great change from third dimensional reality to a fifth dimensional reality. There are no mistakes! The change is eminent and is perfect in every way. As in all changes, it brings upheaval. To have change take place of course the old ways must make way for the new, this brings up levels of fear as people play out many and varied worst case scenarios. Imagine for a minute a large corporation that employs thousands of people, suddenly there is talk of a take over. Of course people will be playing out all the worst case scenarios such as everyone loosing their positions, people being laid off, all the perks being taken away etc. Yet when the new management comes in it all turns out just fine!

If all of the employees had just trusted and lived one day at a time holding to a strong belief that all would work out for the best they would have saved themselves a great deal of grief and heartache. And so it is with us! We must all live these coming years one day at a time with total trust that all will be well. We must all do out ‘bit’, and what is our ‘bit’? We must all focus inward and do our own inner healing with the understanding that ‘To heal the world, we must first heal ourselves!’ Rather than focusing on the operations of the outer world that is in turmoil and strife, we must focus on the inner world of peace and love. This is the power of one! If enough of us focus on one day at a time, working on all our ‘inner child’ fears, healing the rifts within our families and letting go of the old resentments whilst connecting to our inner power, we will be doing our ‘bit’.

Each and everyone of us on the planet, at this time, has a part to play in the coming years, some of us know what that part is and how to play it whilst others are still half asleep struggling to awaken from the illusion of pain and suffering and ‘victim mentality’. Those that are not prepared or do not wish to take part in the great change are leaving and will continue to leave the planet at an alarming rate, there is no judgment in this, it is simply a choice.

Every person at some point will find that they are presented with a ‘choice’. We will all be asked, if it hasn’t already happened, to choose between LOVE and FEAR. Love represents the new way of being and fear will become a thing of the past!
You would think that it is an easy choice to make, however to choose LOVE we must release FEAR. Releasing FEAR means we must first admit that we have it and then secondly face the fear that we have and walk beyond it seeing it for what it really is and that is simply an illusion that we have created! FEAR is such a strong emotion that for some it becomes paralyzing! So rather than face it they would rather carry it around within their being on a daily basis for the rest of their life, rather than to face it and to be free.

At this time there are many Lightworkers on the planet like myself that are here to show the way, but they cannot help until a person reaches out and asks for that help. This is because we must honour each person’s journey and honour the choice that each person must make.

The change is coming whether we are ready or not, Mother Earth is ascending and we as the beings that rely upon her must be ready to embrace this change. We are told that the ascension will be complete by the year 2012 as such we do not have time to procrastinate and live our lives in denial of our issues.

So where to begin? Start with a free assessment at the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre if you so wish or have a healing and just see what comes up for you. Your Spiritual Guides have the plan so as one issues arises, once you are on the path, you will be surprised how bit by bit all the old hurts and pains come up to be released.

Before you know it you will be in touch with your higher self and well on the to Ascension and the great wonder and excitement of things to come. God Bless!

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