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By Lorraine Webb

I have noticed lately how many people around me are having to face their fears. Most people are fearful of something, whether it be fearful of losing their job or their partner or even perhaps losing a loved one through death.

For some, fear can be a healthy feeling that lets them know that an old issue is raising its ugly head to be dealt with, whilst for others it can be a feeling that is almost paralysing, that can even stop a person from functioning.

When I look back on some of my own old fears it amazes me how powerful the feeling was and how utterly controlling my fears were, before I began to deal with each and everyone of them and came to the realisation that all fear is but an illusion. I reached a point upon my journey when I actually invited the feeling in, knowing that growth would come from the recognition of the illusion that my ego was trying to engage me in.

One of my greatest fears was a fear of the dark. Even though I knew that the fear was ridiculous and that there was nothing to be afraid of, I just could not seem to beat this fear. Over the years it had affected the quality of my life and stopped me from doing many things that I would have liked to do, such as going out alone of a night without fearing coming back home to an empty dark house. Once I began to understand that the fear of the dark was coming from my inner child, I was able to ‘face the fear and do it anyway’ but

In a loving way, by talking myself through the fear without berating myself. I gave myself the understanding and love that I would have given my own child and talked myself through any fear each time I walked out into the dark. It wasn’t long before that particular fear was gone and I was onto the next one. One by one I faced my fears until I found at last I was fearless! I don’t know exactly when that happened but it did happen.

Right now, particularly leading up to Christmas, I can see many people are being forced to come face to face with their own fears. We are being asked by Spirit to face all issues that have been controlling our lives to this point. It isn’t, easy particularly for those that are unaware that they are not the only ones going through this rough patch. Those in dysfunctional families and personal relationships are finding that they are in conflict and being forced to speak their truth. Those that are in jobs that they know are not where they should or would like to be, are finding it very difficult to continue to go into the workplace and live the lie that says ‘this is where I have to be, I don’t have a choice’. Spirit is not going to make it easy for anyone, each of us are being asked to stand up and be counted, to speak our truth in all things and to honour our Higher self.

As rough as it may seem for some, this time must be seen as an opportunity for change. An opportunity, to honour our truth and live according to our own Divine Blueprint, whatever that may be. For many that means changes are on the horizon!

Change is good! Change can be exciting or it can be fearful, remember it is your choice how you perceive change. You can turn that feeling of fear into a feeling of excitement simply by changing your mind on how you view your current situation.

I encourage you before this year ends, to look at all areas of your life and ask yourself if it all serves you well. If it does congratulations! If it doesn’t, then you need to know that only you can change it and change begins by first looking at your situation from a different perspective.

Know that there is a window of opportunity to you right now to make the changes necessary to begin the New Year with a more positive outlook, regardless of your current situation. The worse the situation you are in, the more opportunities you have for a more positive future. Begin now by asking yourself “If I could have anything I desire, truly desire, for the coming year, what would that be?”

Join with us here at the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre on Monday the 30th of December in a World Peace Meditation to be held at 7.30pm, either in person or in spirit. We will put our intentions out into the Universe for peace for the planet, for the coming year and as a group we can put out our own intentions for our own life path for 2003.

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