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By Lorraine Webb

At the end of year meditation last year I recall channeling that it was important for people to deal with any issues that they may have particularly with relationships as any issues taken into the new year would create havoc very quickly, and that theses issues must be addressed willing or they will esculate.

So for me it has been interesting to see how this has played out in the first six months of the year. I have noticed that many people have had money issues come up. All our deep issues around lack and not having enough seem to have come to the surface. People that I know in business all seem to be struggling and those on wages appear to be fearful for their future security.

When we look at the power of the media and the messages that we are all receiving lately that are focusing on lack, it is not surprising that the group consciousness is focusing on the negative of what ‘might’ be rather than what they desire ‘to be’. Constantly we are being bombarded with the petrol price issue and being told how it will impact on us all. We are given stories of people that cannot survive because of the petrol increase. I am not suggesting that this is not the case for some people, however to constantly focus on the negative of these stories definitely affects the mind set of the whole community. When hearing these negatives over and over again without realizing it we are buying into the fear factor and it brings up for each of us any deep seated memories of ‘lack’, of not having enough. Not having enough money, not having enough friends and not having enough love.

Add to this the new workplace laws and the fear generated about our basic job security and the bombardment of stories on the media about people being unfairly dealt with and you will see that it is bringing up fear that may be deep seated within us all. Particularly since we are very aware that we are the ‘lucky’ country, perhaps it makes us feel that it can’t remain that way when we look around the world at all the problems that so far we have been quite isolated from.

There appears to be more people dealing with cancer and other illness this year not to mention the amount of people that are coming to us at the centre with major life changes that they are being forced to deal with. Marriages ending, family secrets being revealed, sudden death of a loved one, just to name a few scenarios. I don’t believe that any of us are immune to these things happening around us.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are living in the last days of this old system that is based on ‘fear’. We are seeing all our fears coming to the surface to be faced and to be conchered. Although it can be a difficult time for all and even more so for those that are just awakening to the reality that this is all an illusion and that we are really highly evolved beings that are experiencing the ‘game of life’, it is also an exciting time. The trick is to stay centred and deal with what comes your way without buying into the fear that is being generated. Now this is easier when you have an understanding of the rules and have awakened to some degree.

If you are finding finances difficult at this time I suggest that you forget what appears to be happening and constantly focus on the outcome that you desire rather than the outcome you fear. When we use the emotion of ‘fear’ with our thoughts anticipating an outcome, we are using an enormous amount of power to create the very thing that we don’t want to happen! This is why it is not good to watch too much of the news and or listen to any negative talk, because it does have an effect even if you think you are too strong for this to be so. The group mind is very powerful and at this stage the group mind on this planet is definitely still operating from ‘fear’. I doubt that anybody would debate this. The good news is that it is all working itself out and we will begin to see a change in the coming years and we will look back on this time as the ‘dark ages’.

So remain strong and keep your thoughts positive. If you have trouble doing this come to the centre and work through the blocks that are preventing you from doing this or if you are having problems with creating all that you desire consider doing my Abundance short course and you will begin to use your power in the positive.

God Bless!

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