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By Lorraine Webb

Are you aware of your own energy? More to the point are you aware of how you use your energy on a daily basis?

I don’t think many people stop and think that they are actually energy beings and that we do not have an unlimited supply of energy to give away to all and sundry. In fact it pays to stop and take stock of your energy and see just where you may be investing it and question whether your investment is paying dividends for you.

Imagine for a moment that when we wake in the morning we each have an energy bucket, we may begin our day with our bucket nearly full. Now we are going to look at how we give away our energy without realizing that we are doing so.

With each negative thought we have about a situation or a person we are unwittingly investing our energy into that person or situation. It doesn’t matter if it is a current situation or if it is something that happened ten years ago. It doesn’t matter if the person you are angry with is still alive or has passed over; the result to your energy bucket is the same.

Now we need to do a list of all the people, past and present, in our lives that we have unresolved issues with.

  • Perhaps you may be angry with your partner for some thing or other, so that is one person who gets a percentage of your energy.
  • Then there maybe unresolved childhood issues with a mom or dad that gets another percentage of your energy.
  • Perhaps a brother or sister that you no longer talk to and are holding resentment towards, add them to the list.
  • A boss or work colleague who annoys you on a daily basis, they also get a portion.
  • A job that you hate, but feel you need to keep for the sake of the money, also takes some of your energy.
  • Self-hatred, negative self talk, (the negative thoughts we have about another is nothing more than self-projection, projecting on to others the way we feel about ourselves).

If you are honest with yourself and list all things and people that you have regular negative thoughts about on a daily basis, the list goes on and on. We can still be energetically connected to past lovers; we can even be energetically connected to people and situations from past lives.

So once you begin to divide up your bucket of energy proportionately, giving the right amount of energy allotment according to the degree of emotion attached to the person or the event, you will then begin to see how much energy you have for yourself.

Most people will find that the amount of energy left in their bucket is not enough for them to be able to do all the things that they need to do in their busy lives.

If you were able to see the energy connections between people and around people as some of us can, you would begin to see yourself as tied up in knots, with energy links going in all directions. You would also begin to recognise that this is a part of your own creation, having been created by your own thought patterns.

So what to do?

Once you have honestly completed your list of outgoing negative thoughts, you then need to address one issue at a time. It is impossible to create change instantly, so start with one issue at a time.

Take the easiest first, perhaps address the issue with the partner, saying and doing whatever may be necessary to bring resolution.

Take responsibility for your energy bucket and your negative thoughts about people and situations. Recognise that you have created a situation whereby you are giving out your energy to people and situations that you say you are angry with. Yet you are regularly feeding them your beautiful energy!

Energy is neutral, it is neither positive or negative, it just is. So when you have a negative thought about someone or speak negatively about someone you are sending him or her energy, YOUR energy. Energy that you need for yourself.

Now if your energy bucket is on empty for too long, your physical body will go on strike! You will develop problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome or glandular fever to name just a few illnesses.

Your energy bucket is just one reason why people get stuck, stuck in their own creation! Once we have got ourselves into such a bind, it can be difficult to get out under your own steam, which is why at the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre we offer those new to the path of self development the Inner Child workshop, to show people what they have created and how they can begin to disentangle their energies. The next step on from there is the Spiritual Healers Course to teach you the Universal Laws and how to make them work in your life. For those that are then well along their path and are following their own blueprint in life, we offer the Initiation to Ascension so that they can make a commitment to ascend in this lifetime.

If you would like some guidance to untangle your life or if you feel ‘stuck’ let us show you the way.

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