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Is your organisation looking for training or human resource support with a focus on creating co-operation and teamwork in the workplace? This Corporate Training Program has been designed specifically as a fresh approach, creating a sense of responsibility, co-operation, wellbeing and balance in the workplace and life in general.

Our trainers bring out the best in people and demonstrate to them some of the issues they have that may be stopping them from achieving their fullest potential in all areas.

Our methods are positive, focussing on what can be achieved rather than what cannot!
We are able to support participants in opening their minds to opportunities that may not have been realised.

Our training is fun, individually focussed, encouraging self-assessment.  We aim to have participants take responsibility for what happens in their lives, both at home and at work.

1.  Embracing Change – This topic deals with facing the ‘what if’ factor and identifying the new opportunities, as change is inevitable.  Providing staff with tools for unlocking their potential

Learning outcomes
1.1       Identify emotional and mental blocks
1.2       Understand tools for change
1.3       Identify personal opportunities
1.4       Learn and apply tools for change

2.  Teamwork – This topic deals with the group’s positive interaction, acceptance of others utilising group power

Learning outcomes
2.1       Identify elements of a team both functional and dysfunctional
2.2       Benchmark current team environment
2.3       Create team ethics to keep the team on track

3.  Self Esteem – This topic deals with looking at self-fulfilling prophecies, over-coming the ‘victim’ mentality. Building on your personal beliefs about yourself and your abilities.

Learning outcomes
3.1       Identify victim behaviour
3.2       Understand the mirroring effect
3.3       Claiming your core issues and developing the ‘awareness model’
*  We recommend you follow this topic with:
Programs and Patterns from our Past Experiences

4. Dealing with conflict – This topic deals with understanding that what is happening doesn’t always have to be about you! Learning and seeing both sides of a situation. Conflict is inevitable and can be dealt with in a positive way.

Learning outcomes
4.1       Understanding reactive versus responsive
4.2       Identifying your personal reaction to conflict
4.3       Knowing how to maintain a neutral response
4.4       Learning how to ‘not’ take things too personally
4.5       Knowing what you can control and accept what you cannot
4.6       How to deal with difficult people

5. Programs and Patterns from our Past Experiences – This topic deals with questioning learned behaviours and belief systems. Seeing how past experiences impact on current events.

Learning outcomes
5.1       Identifying own life patterns that recur
5.2       Discussing healthy versus destructive patterns
5.3       Documenting a plan for behaviour change

6.  Physical, Mental & Emotional Health – This topic deals with creating and taking responsibility for a ‘healthy’ lifestyle

Learning outcomes
6.1       Identifying the link between mind, body and emotions for optimum health
6.2       Conducting self assessment to identify personal strengths and weaknesses
6.3       Developing a personal health strategy
6.4       Case manage and plan yourself

7.  People and Energetics – This topic deals with understanding energy dynamics within your group and your environment. Understanding how your energy levels fluctuate according to the environment you are in.

Learning outcomes
7.1       Demonstrate and experience energy, as in all living things
7.2       Exploring own intuition and ‘gut feeling’
7.3       Understanding energetic responsibility
7.4       Demonstrate how to maintain ‘neutral’ energy in all situations

We recommend you follow this topic with: Teamwork

8. Creating Calmness – This topic deals with the effects of meditation / relaxation / de-stressing techniques and how to apply them in all areas of your life.

Learning outcomes
8.1       Understanding the damage done through stress to the physical body
8.2       Demonstrate benefits to calmness
8.3       Methods of relaxation at home and work
8.4       Learning techniques in meditation

9.Creating Balance – This topic deals with creating balance at home and work

Learning outcomes
9.1       Understanding the concept of ‘living in the now’ moment
9.2       Understanding how to have balance and why it is important
9.3       Managing the balance effectively and individually
9.4       Identifying imbalance in your life

10.  Using your Mind Power to Create – This topic deals with the concept of  ‘what you think you create’ and the law of attraction

Learning outcomes
10.1     Understanding the workings of the mind
10.2     Learn how to utilize mind power to create what you desire
10.3     Creating visual life plan

11.       Universal Guidelines – This topic deals with basic rules of life and how to make them work for you

Learning outcomes
11.1     Understanding the basic guidelines of human interaction
11.2     Discuss the impact of working with or against known guidelines
11.3     Understanding consequences when working against guidelines

12.       Create Time Effectiveness – This topic deals with time management and how to make it work for you

Learning outcomes
12.1     Identify time wasting in your life
12.2     Exercise in identifying current time allocation
12.3     Implement a personal time effective strategy

13. Effective Communication – This topic deals with expressing yourself in a clear and concise manner

Learning outcomes
13.1     Identify the many forms of communication
13.2     Identify open and closed body language
13.3     The role of clear thought before expressing verbally

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We are the leaders in the area of healing and transforming energetic patterns and behavioral programming, working one on one with our clients. Creating a strategic healing plan that can include various healing modalities including, energetic healing, past life, body massage, negative releasement, and short courses. Our ‘inner child’ work is unique to our centre.

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