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This past year has been a difficult one for many with upheavals within families and recognition that the illusionary world that human kind thought they had created to provide and live a comfortable life style is not all that they expected it to be.

Many have lost loved ones as many souls do not wish to go through the turmoil and upheaval of change that is upon the planet. Many have left quite quickly leaving unanswered questions.

2015 has been the beginning of the ‘GREAT REVEAL’ where all that has been hidden in the past is now being exposed. We have told you before that this is a time of awakening, a time where every soul upon this planet will have to open their eyes to what has been going on and the hidden agendas of the POWER SEEKERS.

Humanity as a whole turned away from the inner truth that was found within each heart and began to follow ungodly leaders outside of oneself. Each soul believing that there were people that knew the way better than they.   People became lazy in their practices that are spiritually focussed whilst they focused on the worldly goods that could be obtained and this become the ultimate pursuit rather than enlightenment.

This past year has seen many souls awaken to the illusion of the world that has been created by man and their place in it. Awakening to the knowledge that there is no right or wrong and that the new energy that is coming through now is moving us beyond right and wrong and an eye for an eye principle with an attitude of one that says I have a right to retaliation to embracing the philosophy of Jesus who preached ‘turn the other cheek’ and find a peaceful solution that goes way beyond black and white.

2016 will see an acceleration of this revealing until all beings are moved beyond their comfort zone feeling that they do not play a role in all that is unfolding, and the belief that there is nothing they can do to a new understanding that each and everyone one of us must hold the light, hold the sense of peace and see and desire peace and harmony for all above all else as their highest value.

In 2016 we have the great capacity to demand to our leaders that are set on war as a solution to any disharmony and operating from a place of separation of humankind, that they find a peaceful way to reconcile differences. With exposure of the hidden agenda being known worldwide it will be difficult and seen as ridiculous to continue to operate in this archaic manner.

There will be mass awakenings for those that are still asleep, this coming year. Those awakenings will come in many and various ways some as divine miracles.

Time as we perceive it will begin to slow down somewhat, as there will be days that you will feel you have much more time than you require, other days will fly as they have in 2015.

People will have to seriously think about what they eat, animal consumption needs to come to an end which will be so easy for those that are lifting their energy. Awareness world wide of the costs of consuming meat to the poor in the world will no longer be denied nor debatable. It will be known that by over consuming wealthy countries are taking the food from the mouths of the poor.

Awareness will come in that quality of life and spiritual pursuits are far more valuable than taking and consuming. Giving and sharing will be the new way of living that we begin to move toward in 2016 rather than taking and hoarding.

There will be rough patches in 2016 especially in the beginning of the new year. But as more and more people step up as whistle blowers on the power systems and how they work and what the hidden agendas really are evolved souls will step up and into the places most high that will be made available to them with the assistance of spiritual being on the otherside.

There is a plan you can be sure of that. There are highly evolved souls all around the world that are working to awaken as many others as possible, this can only be done through love. Each awakened soul must take their role as a lightworker seriously in this coming year and in every encounter with others friends, family, colleagues we must be the light, hold the light, and be the way shower. No light worker is exempt from this role of speaking from the heart and from ones spirit.

Those with their own power agendas will tumble in the coming times as the people worldwide rally to be one voice joined together in ONENESS remembering that we are all here on the same mission and that is to remember that we are Divine living Gods, we are creators we are evolving beyond individualization to a knowing that we are ONE.

It is an exciting year that will bring many new and exciting inventions and ways to do things that are in line with our new way of living a community life style. The desire for good food, healthy living and peace for all mankind will prevail. Awareness that we are our brother’s keeper and that on a planet this abundant no person should every go without two things FOOD and SHELTER.

We will need to consider what would we be willing to forgo to have a healthy food chain, to live a community life style, to be free to express and to share our knowledge and wisdom. 2016 is going to be a very interesting year, perhaps more bloodshed, more greed, more power struggles but it will all be seen nothing will be hidden. All will be revealed. From the smallest of feelings and actions to the largest will all be reported and shown for what it is. Denial will be pointless.

It is a time to stand up for what your heart and soul tells you is the way. Choose freedom knowing that there is no power greater than the ultimate power of the Creator. Seek always from your inner guidance from the Divine Source and follow your heart fearlessly is the way for 2016.

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