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The Power of ‘Uluru’

Uluru in Central Australia was known by its western name of Ayers Rock until it was handed back to the original owners of that land and reverted to its known name of Uluru. People come to the Red Centre from countries all around the world just to see this powerful rock and to walk around

Speaking your Truth

‘The truth shall set you free’. This is the way it is right now, we must all speak our ‘emotional’ truth. However there is no such thing as the ‘truth’, since we are living an illusion on this planet, which is why we can never agree on what is ‘truth’ as it is relative to

My Aboriginal Journey

When I am asked how I got involved with teaching and healing with Aboriginal people, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact time. Maybe it goes back before my birth and my aboriginal heritage. My mother’s father was born to an Aboriginal women, I didn’t know him terribly well, although I was witness to the

Finding The Spiritual Way

It is not an easy journey in finding one’s own path and learning to listen to the inner voice and the inner wisdom, however it is important to find this path if we are to survive the coming years upon this planet. We are living in times of great transition both outwardly in our world

All Shall Be Revealed

We are in difficult times still at present, a time where all is to be revealed and all is being revealed. This is a time where secrets can no longer be hidden, where all is seen. We see the greed of some at the expense of others. We see the hunger of some for power

Predictions 2015

On a personal level all that is holding each person back in their own personal evolvement will come to the surface as we are now in a time where there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, all will be revealed. For those that resist there will be a very rocky ride, many will

Thoughts Create

By Lorraine Webb As we awaken to our Spiritual selves there becomes one undeniable fact. That is that we are the creators of all our experiences, not some but all. So many times in my workshops and courses, I find people that want to take responsibility in some areas yet resist accepting that they have

Personality Types

By Lorraine Webb We are all amazing beings with multiple personalities. So often we do not take the time to really appreciate all aspects of our personality. We refer to ‘me’ when talking about our feelings and emotions often without the real understanding of who ‘me’ really is. ‘Me’ is actually made up of a

More on Ascension

By Lorraine Webb Since my last article on Ascension, many people have spoken to me about their own processes and are questioning whether some of the things that are happening to them in their life are connected with the Ascension process. The answer of course is ‘yes’, because everything that happens in our life is

Fear can be Paralysing

By Lorraine Webb I have noticed lately how many people around me are having to face their fears. Most people are fearful of something, whether it be fearful of losing their job or their partner or even perhaps losing a loved one through death. For some, fear can be a healthy feeling that lets them

Energy Awareness

By Lorraine Webb Are you aware of your own energy? More to the point are you aware of how you use your energy on a daily basis? I don’t think many people stop and think that they are actually energy beings and that we do not have an unlimited supply of energy to give away

Cancer – an Emotional Disease

By Lorraine Webb There are not many families around that have not been touched by cancer in some way. Either through a close family member or friend having to deal with the disease. Statistics tell us that one in three of us will experience cancer at some time in our lives. That is a pretty

Aquarian Age

By Lorraine Webb For so long now we have been talking about the coming of the “new age” with anticipation. Now we are all living it! For some it is still a very fearful world, the news is full of unrest around the planet, terrible things seem to be happening to individuals and families. So


Angel Julianne

By Lorraine Webb She was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in December 2003 and was told that there was not a lot that could be done. Without chemotherapy and radiation treatment the doctors told her she only had twelve months to live. That was the beginning of an incredible journey, and emotional one, a journey that

A Changing Society

We are beginning to see around us all that has been predicted for some time now coming to pass. For many years, in my meditations and changelings the Masters have been telling me of the chaos and destruction of our society to come. Through the past years these predictions seemed surreal. But now I think

Finding the Spiritual Way

By Lorraine Webb It is not an easy journey in finding one’s own path and learning to listen to the inner voice and the inner wisdom, however it is important to find this path if we are to survive the coming years upon this planet. We are living in times of great transition both outwardly

Fear and Lack

By Lorraine Webb At the end of year meditation last year I recall channeling that it was important for people to deal with any issues that they may have particularly with relationships as any issues taken into the new year would create havoc very quickly, and that theses issues must be addressed willing or they


This last fifty years has seen enormous change for women in this country. When I speak to women in their eighties they tell me of the life they led at a much slower pace when the horse and cart was the main form of transport for many, as children. They talk of marriage that in


My brothers and sisters from the ‘Light’ often connect to me through song, with subtle messages. Of late the verse that they have been bringing through to me is “The times they are achangin” followed by the song “Hallelujah! When they wish to celebrate a shift I may have had or a successful workshop that

About us

We are the leaders in the area of healing and transforming energetic patterns and behavioral programming, working one on one with our clients. Creating a strategic healing plan that can include various healing modalities including, energetic healing, past life, body massage, negative releasement, and short courses. Our ‘inner child’ work is unique to our centre.

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