"Yoga" is for everyone – in whatever physical condition. It is not a physical workout of any sort, it is first and foremost pleasurable to do without straining. Relaxing the mind; concentrating on toning and firming; releasing through music and balancing energy with stillness.

The practice of the physical discipline of yoga aims to bring health and vitality to the body and mind. The benefits include lightness and strength of body and a greater sense of openness and awareness.

The class explores traditional postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation practices. They range from a gentle, mindful approach to a more dynamic one, in this way making yoga suitable and accessible to all.

Take home an increased sense of health, wellbeing, clarity and calm.

Session Times: Monday 9.30am Tuesday 6.45pm 8.15pm, Wednesday 6.45 and 8.15pm (periodic introductory class) Thursday 6.30pm

Duration: 1-1/4 hours

Cost: $15.00 per class (block discount available)