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By Lorraine Webb

There are not many families around that have not been touched by cancer in some way. Either through a close family member or friend having to deal with the disease. Statistics tell us that one in three of us will experience cancer at some time in our lives. That is a pretty high percentage of the population. It is amazing how little a person can really understand about the impact of cancer until it touches them in a personal way. So often we do not get to see or to understand the huge effect it has, not only on the person who has the disease but the close family members. For instance, we don’t get to see the huge cost involved. Not only the cost of the therapy, with or without medical benefits, but the cost to the person in terms of loss of income, which can then put a financial strain on the family. If that person has a partner and has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer often the partner wishes to leave their employment to help take care of and to support the person through the illness, imagine the financial strain on the family. The average family is not financial enough to sustain them over more than the first few weeks.

Then comes the denial, anger and rage, if not from the person themselves then often from the close family members that are suddenly faced with the possibility of losing someone they love and need. From there the family is faced with the reality of having to make therapy choices and suddenly, getting information on the subject becomes urgent. So many opinions! Everyone seems to know of some miracle cure. The doctors tell you that all they can do is to buy you time with chemotherapy and or radiation, others tell you of elusive treatments that you need to find some how or other. Ultimately it is a trying time for all concerned.

Over the years I have met and given healing to many people that have come to me after having had chemotherapy and radiation therapy and have reached the point of seeking alternative therapy. I have found all of these people to have immense emotional issues that have not been dealt with. Although each person’s story is different, with different life experiences, I have found that most of the people that I have seen have given their power away in some form or another over the years and are often holding huge resentment, hurt and anger. Along with the various therapies, both alternative and prescribed, people need to become aware of the fact that the emotional body has been holding negative emotions in that area of the cancer growth, for a long time for the energy loss to be so great as to allow a cancer to grow. They need, most urgently to get in touch with themselves and to ask themselves why this has happened. To ask “what is the lesson in this for me” “what am I not acknowledging within myself”. To be honest in looking within, to be willing to face all the dark places and the unhealed hurt, shame, anger, resentment, that is stored in the cells of the body.

Often the emotions are buried so deep that it is almost impossible for a person who has denied their emotional self for so long to now dig deep within their being to find the darkness that needs to be purged. This is when it is important to reach out to a spiritual healer that can see deep within your being and can help the person to go into those places of darkness to face and acknowledge and most of all to FEEL to hidden pain.

Cancer has recently touched me personally with a close member of my family having been diagnosed with an inoperable cancerous tumour with the prognosis from the specialists being a short term life expectancy. Since this person is young and seemingly full of life and vitality, it has come a quite a shock to us all. My first reaction, like a lot of others was total disbelief! She is too young! To beautiful, to happy, to carefree, it doesn’t make sense!

But it does, weeks now since the first diagnosis, as she looks deep within, she is beginning to see how she has been denying her true self, holding self blame and judgment, not loving herself on a deep level. She has been saying and doing all the right things on the outside, whilst not quite truly believing in her self worth on the inside. She is lucky in as much as she has been on the spiritual path for some time and she knows how to look inside and has been only too willing to work with spiritual healers as well as the medical profession. I know and she knows that whether she lives or dies is her choice, if she decides to stay I know that many people on this planet will benefit from her experiences and her knowledge. I am already learning a great deal from her experience as I search the net, talk to many people in the know about natural products and how they work, bringing in my own expertise also. I am now going to compile a booklet that will be available at our shop, so that others that reach out to us can take away the information so that they don’t have to waste their energy on re-inventing the wheel.

The role that our emotional body plays in the overall picture of our health and our quality of life is a much larger role than most people realize. It is a shame that in our society so many people wait for a crisis before they look at themselves as emotional beings. It is so much better to deal with the emotional issues of the past before we reach a crisis. That is the basis that we use at the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre, in encouraging people to do the Inner Child Workshop, to heal the past before it comes back and hits you in the face.

For those that are facing cancer know that there are people at the Centre that know how to take you into your emotions and to show you how to have emotional freedom. Give us a call and talk with me if you are unsure, on (08) 8342 4109.

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