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By Lorraine Webb

For so long now we have been talking about the coming of the “new age” with anticipation. Now we are all living it! For some it is still a very fearful world, the news is full of unrest around the planet, terrible things seem to be happening to individuals and families. So many souls are choosing to opt out altogether.

It is very difficult not to buy into the fear factor, and not to become overwhelmed with the amount of healing that needs to occur with people and groups not to mention organisations and governments. Then of course there is the pain of the land and the animal kingdom.

What we need to focus on now as never before, is the positive side to all the chaos that is around us. For some, that cannot see beyond the chaos this seems an impossible task. To explain to people that for a true healing to occur, first the pain, anger, and resentment must come up and be cleansed, before it can be replaced with peace and harmony. This is how it is in a healing with an individual, and so it is for the whole of humanity and the planet. Because what is happening to the planet is but a reflection of the conflict that is going on within each individual.

To heal humanity and to create the promised world of love, peace and harmony we all need at this time to take our focus off the negativity that is happening around us and to come to the realization that to truly heal the planet each and every one of us must place all of our attention at this time on OURSELVES! Sounds selfish to you? That is the egos way of stopping you from healing and playing your role in creating change upon this planet. In truth, the only person that you can heal and change in your life is yourself. By focusing on others you are simply trying to take the heat off yourself!

I have had parents come to me and say “ I’m not concerned about myself, but I do want to help little Johnny, how can I help him to heal and be happy?” I always tell them the same thing. “To heal your son, you must first heal yourself. Your son feeds off your energy, you are his teacher. He learns from your actions and emotions about the world, not necessarily from your words. You must focus all your attention on your own healing process, so that he has the opportunity to heal also.”

Do you really hear this message??? Each of us has a responsibility to do our bit. What is our bit? Our bit is to heal ourselves. How do we do this? Take your attention away from the news on the television and from the daily paper that is full of ugly negative stories and begin to see your world in all its beauty. Begin to focus your attention on the abundance that is around you, the opportunities for change in your life. Begin to think positive thoughts, begin to be thankful for all that you have (regardless of how little that may seem) try turning every negative thought into a positive thought. Try going for a week without judging any situation around you or any person including yourself, then see the changes occurring. Try it, what do you have to lose?

Reach out to a healer for guidance and help to get you started on this magical journey of change. Step out there and face your fears, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. It is now time for us all to release fear from every part of us.

At the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre we can direct you into healing and into the right course to help you turn your pain into power. Our mission statement is to share knowledge and to give assistance to all that seek it, and to provide people with tools, to empower them.

Now is the time as never before, give up the illusion, see beyond the pain of the world and see the beauty just waiting to be discovered by each and everyone of us. This my friends is the most exciting time to be on the planet! Do come and visit us at the Centre and learn how you can create the peace and tranquillity that we have created at the Centre. The secret ingredient……….LOVE.

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