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By Lorraine Webb

She was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in December 2003 and was told that there was not a lot that could be done. Without chemotherapy and radiation treatment the doctors told her she only had twelve months to live.

That was the beginning of an incredible journey, and emotional one, a journey that those that have been given this type of awakening can possibly relate to.

Julie took the news with grace and acceptance; after all she had been on her spiritual journey for some years now. She was in shock but very quickly came to the understanding that this too she had created, even though in the beginning she was unsure why.

She decided to have the treatment and found herself living for six weeks with others in a small community whilst they where all receiving the dreaded radiation treatment. This was a time of growth for both Julie and her husband as they talked with others going through this difficult time. I spoke to her often and she told me how the doctors and other medical staff were finding her difficult since she would question every decision made in her treatment, not only did she question the decisions but during this time she chose to take responsibility for her health and not become dependant upon the doctors. She was incorporating lots of natural products along with her treatment, which was often frowned upon. For instance instead of using the recommended sorbelene cream for the burning of the skin, she listened to her inner self and preferred to use aloe vera gel. She also used daily coffee enemas, which meant she didn’t need as much pain medication. Julie was amazed at how the other patients had totally given their well being over to the medical team and they dare not question what was prescribed, unlike Julie. Interestingly enough Julie was the only one having the treatment whose skin did not burn or blister!

She told me that it amazed her how willing we can be to continually give our power away even when our life depended upon it!

The day came when the agreed length of her treatment had come to and end, but one of the doctors had just arrived back from America and had a great idea, he suggested that they give her more treatment but this time give her chemo and radiation at the same time. This she was told would increase her chances by about twenty percent, he was most amazed when Julie declined, saying “no thanks, she would take her chances from here”, he wasn’t used to patients saying no and was quite startled. Julie waged many little battles in her time in that community and along with her angels spread love to all her companions, giving them angel readings, hopefully their learnt something from their encounter with this amazing lady.

Once back home she had to recoup her energies and decide her own fate from this point on. Being very in touch with her inner self she acknowledged to all that asked her that she had not yet decided to go or to stay on the planet. I knew this and could feel this coming from her whenever I talked to her. Julie’s husband is Italian and over the last few weeks they had considered going Italy.

Finally just one week before she decided to leave the country, Julie rang me to say that she was leaving and going to live in Italy for good. She didn’t know how long that would be but her and her husband both felt that is what they wanted to do, to change their lifestyle completely, to simplify their lives.

I knew I had to fly interstate and spend a few days with her before she left, so much unfinished business and things we needed to do together. So I followed my guidance and hopped on a plane and flew off to see my sister, unsure of what I was going to see feel or discover.

In that time Julie and I had the opportunity to do a great deal of healing working with the Ascended Masters and often having our mother come in from the other side. We both felt that the healings had been a great success and had shown Julie many things about herself that needed to be addressed.

Julie had always put others before herself and had often done far too much for others. She was becoming aware of this and knew that she was now to focus all her energy upon herself. She was also to see the anger she held within and old inner child wounds that still needed her attention.

Then a few nights before I left my sister and her husband and myself went out for dinner and dancing, she and her husband lived to dance and to see them once again dancing as only the two of them could whilst others watched at the way they moved, as one together, was a fantastic experience for me.

This journey was not just my sisters but also very much for her husband who had struggled to adopt Julie’s beliefs in the Divine and that all that was needed was to surrender and to trust in the Divine Source to provide. He has changed now through this experience and they both believe that the cancer was a blessing to them both. Julie now has the spiritual man she always wanted and her husband has total trust in the future by learning to trust to the point of total surrender.

Julie and her husband went off on their journey to Italy unsure of what the future held but determined to live each day to its fullest. Julie chose to turn her back on treatment and too enjoy each day as it came.

They were gone three months when I got the call to say they were coming back home as Julie had become ill in Italy and they couldn’t afford the medical care there. They decided to come back to Adelaide where Julie had family. It was great to see her again; although she was thin she still looked very healthy.

Then came the visits to the doctor and then on to the specialist who told us back then in July that she felt that Julie had only eight weeks to live and that she would never see Christmas. Julie was once again accepting of this although she did say, “I intend to be here for Christmas”. She was having some trouble breathing so it was decided that they could put a shunt into Julie’s main artery, which would help with the blood supply and ultimately with her breathing. This was done and Julie was more comfortable.

In September it was Julie’s birthday and we celebrated it in style, eating and dancing the night away at the Hyatt hotel with our partners. We knew that it was to be the last birthday celebration that we would have together.

Julie chose to live this time in the country, in a small house close to nature, this is what made her happy. She took total control of all her medication and continued to refuse any further medical intervention.

In early December Julie had a scare and was taken to the local hospital. Things changed dramatically in that hospital. Julie had a near death experience! She was to tell me later how she passed over and was with the angels. Our sister Sue who had passed over five years earlier had met Julie and had told her that she was to go back as there was still more that she needed to do. Julie said it was so beautiful there she told Sue that she didn’t want to come back, Sue was insistent. The angels told Julie that she was to go back and to do the ‘dance of love’. She said she was able to see each person that she knew here and she was able to see their soul and their issues. She saw her own body and battered and wasn’t to keen on squeezing back into it.

I saw Julie the following Monday when she was sent down by ambulance to be seen by more specialists, after her experience. She was different, very calm and very in control, although she did look a little battered. I went to the hospital with her where she insisted that she come home with me that night as the tests were not due to be done until the next day, although they were reluctant there wasn’t much the staff at the hospital could do as Julianne was most insistent.

So we had yet another wonderful night together with a nice meal and we even shared a bottle of wine. The next day we had decided to go back to my healing centre were I had found a great song that we knew was the song that the angels wanted Julianne to dance too. Julianne and I both wanted to be able to use this video I was to make of her to help others find peace and love and self-acceptance as Julianne had done.

The videoing was done, we were both pleased and it was time to take Julianne back to the hospital. I could see she was tiring and as I helped her into my car she said to me “I’m in two worlds now”, I could see that she was slipping away from me on the drive to the hospital. I tried to keep calm, we got to the hospital and Julianne was not with us it was an emergency situation so we bypassed all the paper work and got her straight to the ward where I was sure that this was the day that Julianne was to pass over. I called her husband and son and suggested that they get there quickly as she was fading. Her breathing was laboured and she was not conscious.

This continued on for a few hours as I waited for her family to arrive. Then at three o clock in the afternoon Julianne sat bolt upright in her bed and looked at me and said “Shit I’m still here. The angels wouldn’t let me in they said I still have more to do!”
By the time her husband and son arrived she was sitting up in bed drinking water and talking just fine!

It was amazing if I had not been involved myself I would have found it hard to believe.

Doctors and nurses were running around setting up tests and what ever. In the midst of this Julianne said to me “Lorraine get me out of here for the night, I want to have a party. We all need to be together tonight”. So I organized for a suite for us in the Hilton Hotel and we took Julie along, with her oxygen tank, to the hotel for a party!

That night was amazing I videoed Julianne for over an hour as she talked about the after life and about love and had a conversation with our sister Sue on the other side. Julianne told me that I must show this video and make everyone find the love within them.
The next day we took her back to the hospital where things were in full swing, doctors were going to do this test and that and some more. Julie stopped them and said “Look stop all this I just want to go home” and she booked herself out of the hospital.
Julie did stay with us through Christmas and into the new year. She spent that time meeting with family and friends offering her love and her words of wisdom to many. Julianne passed over on the 9th January at four am. Her husband was sitting with her in the lounge room whilst she was in a deep sleep. At two am she sat upright and said to her husband laughingly “ What are you doing here? Your not supposed to be here”. We felt that she thought he had joined her on the other side. When her fell asleep at four am Julianne peacefully left us.

In her last days Julianne remained totally in control of all her senses and was totally aware and able to make choices and decisions on her own behalf.

Julianne’s gift to us all is to show that we can all pass over consciously, even with the dreaded cancer we can still keep control and our dignity.

Julianne and I will continue to work together and as promised I will use her video some time this year and offer a seminar on “Passing over Consciously” so that we can all share the love that was Angel Julianne.

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