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We are in difficult times still at present, a time where all is to be revealed and all is being revealed. This is a time where secrets can no longer be hidden, where all is seen. We see the greed of some at the expense of others. We see the hunger of some for power and for money. We see the great divide between the haves and the have nots as never before. We see the lies and the justification of some to continue to do things as they always have.

We are seeing how we are all definitely connected and all that occurs in and around us is a reflection of humanity as a whole. Worldwide we are seeing the struggles for survival and fractions fighting, the struggles for power and control by some is overwhelming, yet we also are able to easily see the once hidden agendas of the power seekers. Perhaps it appears that there is nothing new about turmoil in the world but there is a difference in these times, the cost is greater to many and lives are at risk.

We will see that there is no ‘right’ answer and there is no ‘wrong’ we are all being taught that the only way through these tumultuous times is compromise. In this time we are being taught to look beyond the singular point of view of ‘right verses wrong’ and come to a place of ‘How can we move forward and compromise so that we are all getting our needs met?’ How can we open our minds to solutions rather than problems.

Holding on to the old way of thinking and of being in this world will not suffice nor work in the coming months. The old energy of control and manipulation no longer works and is being revealed, we cannot force our way through any situation or issue that we find ourselves in.

If you wish to be in alignment with the new energies that are now upon us that are truly beautiful and harmonious then you must surrender your old way of thinking and being and come to a place of surrendering all issues to the Higher Power knowing ‘This too shall pass’. We cannot force a situation but you can release all fear and allow a situation to present itself to you and look for the lesson in that situation and surrender it to a Higher Power for resolution. This is the new energy, it is being in alignment with all things releasing all old energy of division between ourselves and others and ourselves and nature and come into alignment with the new energy.

This new energy that I speak of is already here, for those willing to surrender and work in harmony with the energies around us allowing all to be revealed are seeing through the illusion in every situation that they once judged. Nothing is as it seems in our three dimensional world, we need to be open to seeing it through new eyes, mature eyes, that have nothing to do with age but with soul growth.

Before the new way of being can be fully embraced of course we must be patient with all those souls that seek to follow their own agendas and think they can continue to force their will through to the result their ego requires. They will learn that you cannot be out of alignment with the energies of the planet that you reside on without it causing you great pain and suffering.
When enough souls have surrendered to ‘Thine will be done in and through me, show me the way’ then we will see peace and answers miraculously appear to all issues that currently appear to have no resolution. There are Angels and Souls on this planet just waiting for the right time to step in and use the knowledge and wisdom within them in all areas that are required to live a harmonious life upon this planet.

We will all desire to live in small communities caring for each other knowing we are all brothers and sisters on the path to enlightenment together.

Till that time comes there is much still to do to assist those who are struggling to see what it is they need to see and what it is they need to release in order to find their way to their own Divine Life Path. So we here at the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre will continue to bring one soul at a time back into alignment. And So It Is!

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