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We are beginning to see around us all that has been predicted for some time now coming to pass. For many years, in my meditations and changelings the Masters have been telling me of the chaos and destruction of our society to come. Through the past years these predictions seemed surreal. But now I think it doesn’t take much effort to see that the systems that in the past served us no longer serve us in the new millennium. We can now see that most of our systems are antiquated and need updating to work in with our new understanding of life and our current belief systems. (A wonderful book to read on this subject is “New Revelations” by Neale Donald Walsch. Also to understand the happenings in our society I would recommend reading “Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight” by Tom Hartman.)

Our school system is outdated and is not serving our young indigo and crystal children. These children learn through experience and touch. They are very active and have minds of their own and they follow their own inner voice. They have an understanding beyond their years, as they are old souls coming in to guide us through change. Most children, even the very young are questioning why things are happening as they do, rather than accepting that there is no other way. Many teachers are challenged by this, and have not been taught how to handle these children. Most young ones that I have asked about school will say that they hate school and that it is boring. We are seeing more and more children and parents reaching out to us at the Centre for help with their children as problems arise and these kids are suspended repeatedly for varying reasons or are involved in bullying, or are very angry within themselves. Not to mention those that are drugged and misdiagnosed with ADD. These children respond very well to Spiritual Healing and being guided by the Angels through their issues and shown another way to take control and handle what ever is happening in their lives.

Our judicial system is being questioned; our prison system has no money for programs or rehabilitation. With more and more people being imprisoned, our prison system is overcrowded and not working for the good of society as a whole. I have been doing healing programs in the prison system and have found that most of the people there that I have come in contact with are hungry for the sacred. When you hear there stories you begin to see all the inner child pain that is unresolved and still running the person’s life. Most never had their basic needs met in childhood and are therefore acting out in their inner child pain. So rehabilitation in the form of healing can and will relieve the system when we begin to see the necessity of healing the past for all of us. Not just the people that can afford the alternative, it must become available to everyone.

Then we look at our youth and see that they are suffering terribly. Someone close to me works with disadvantaged youths, training him or her and helping them to find employment. He tells me of the frustration of his job trying to train these young ones, usually from the ages of sixteen to twenty something. He tells me how difficult it is when these young ones do not know the most basic of things, such as cleanliness, coming to training without showering, dirty clothes, smelling. A lot of these kids still live at home and he wonders what type of home do they come from when they have not been taught the most basics of self care. Then some of these young ones have completed years 10 and 11 at school yet they are almost illiterate. He tells me the story of one young lad that has been thrown out of home at sixteen, by both his mother and his father (who are separated and with other partners).

This young man is living at St Vinnies of a night, in a dormitory style accommodation with older men that are down on their luck. During the day he catches two buses to come to the training centre hoping to be placed in an apprenticeship. What hope does this boy have? He doesn’t have any support and he doesn’t have the money to get himself out of the current situation he is in. He was nearly removed from the program the other week because he was late and had obviously been in a fight. My friend counselled him and discovered that the night before on the streets near his accommodation he helped a friend that was being bashed by a group of other lads. We must be willing to help these young ones. Particularly those that show that they do want to make something of themselves.

It seems that more and more parents are willing to deny their responsibility at earlier and earlier ages. We as parents have a spiritual contract to take care of and guide our children until they reach an age that they can do that for themselves, and that contract does not expire at puberty. Of course we also have the other end of the scale where we have parents that don’t know when to release the off springs as well. I have many adults in there forties and fifties that still have parents that are trying to live their lives for them. We should be ashamed as a country that we are up there with one of the highest suicide rates per capita for young people, yet we call ourselves the lucky country. It is only lucky for some.
Our young people look around and see the mess that has been created in our society, the greed, the deceit, the dishonesty and is it any wonder that they turn to drugs and contemplate suicide? They don’t feel as if they belong in such a world, and perhaps they don’t. They are a part of the New World, not the old. Who is teaching them the spiritual concepts? Who is showing them the bigger picture? Who is teaching them how to use their mind to manifest all that they desire that is in alignment with their divine blueprint? Who is teaching them about Universal Laws and how to make them work for them?

I believe that the way through these problems is for us to begin ACTING AS A COMMUNITY, I strongly believe in “fake it till you make it”. In other words since we are aware, or should I say that the enlightened amongst us are aware that we will be living a simpler lifestyle in the future in small communities. We need now to start thinking like a small community and begin to take care of those that are around us. Which means that if someone around you, within your reality is in trouble then you need to offer assistance without hesitation. Don’t turn away when a child in your neighbourhood needs food or help in some way, reach out a helping hand. Don’t look away scared to become involved. As an individual you surely can’t save the world but opportunities will appear each and every day for you to offer a hand to someone or even a smile or a touch. Take up the challenge. Change will only happen as we begin make small changes one day at a time. If you are reading this you will be given an opportunity by Spirit to help another, your personal and spiritual growth will depend upon what you decide to do with the opportunity, will you give unconditional love or will you turn away?

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