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Did you happen to be watching 60 Minutes last night and see the interview about the pedophile ring in England with members that include high ranking Lords and government officials?  If like me, you feel disgusted and in disbelief at the interview of the known pedophile, who justified his behaviour by suggesting that children as young as four years have a way of giving permission to abuse by their response to a comment like “I like your pretty knickers”, from the response the pedophile apparently is able to gauge permission from the child and feels justified in abusing the child!  I won’t go on too much about the interview  if you saw it you know if you didn’t you can catch it online I am sure.


It struck me after seeing this program that it may trigger memories or trauma for those that have been abused as a child and perhaps they are feeling that there is nothing that they can do about the situation they are in.

Here at the centre we work with abused women and men on a very regular basis and I can tell you that full recovery from shame, self hate, victimization and a sense of worthlessness that often accompanies those that have been abused can and is transcended here!

I personally have made it my life’s work to understand abuse, the causes, the result and ultimately the way past it, for the past sixteen years.  I would have to say it is my area of expertise.

It really concerns me to hear an abuser suggest that children are able to make choices and decisions about something that they know nothing about – sexuality.  Our job as parents, caregivers, teachers and  society is to protect children from any form of abuse.  Yes children are sexual and have feelings, that is why we need to protect them from predators who would abuse and take the innocence of a child. How dare any person assume they have the right to steal from any child male or female the beautiful experience of a first love, the first kiss, the first innocent sexual experience!

I have sat with way too many young adults who would tell me that they hate sex, cannot enjoy it with a partner, that they hate their bodies all because some adult thought they could get away with using a child for their own pleasures.  I have listened to male clients tell me that their first sexual experience was abusive, that a male role model, abused his power by being sexual and then rewarded this young person so that he would not tell.  How does it leave these kids? Feeling dirty, naturally, feeling guilty for something that was never their fault.

We have an age of consent for a reason.  The reason being that most civilized people realize that a child is unable to make good decisions and protect themselves from much older and wiser adults that have a plan to take advantage of them.  A child does not have the reasoning power or the ability to see manipulation for what it is.

With healing we are able to help, listen and use techniques to take the person back to the abuse and to rescue the child that they were, and to heal that child.  On an energy level we are able to assist the client to reclaim the ‘innocence’ that was lost and refuse to allow a dark twisted demon in the form of a human to take any part of one’s spirit.

I am happy to say that there are hundreds of people, perhaps even thousands that have reclaimed their sexuality and their innocence because of this work that I am truly proud to be doing.

If you have ever been abused know this, “It is not your fault!” It can be fixed. It is not a life sentence. You do not have to live in fear. Most of all it is not as hard as you may think to reclaim your power!


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